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Photography Portrait Retouching
Stacie by danlev
Dennis 3 by danlev
Dennis 2 by danlev
Josh by danlev
Stacie by danlev
I will retouch a portrait. Retouching will include editing colors and tones of the photo, adjusting lighting, adjusting and accentuating facial and body features, adjusting focus of the photo, fixing hair and makeup, removing distracting elements of the photo, etc.

Please include your photograph in the Commission request. If you have specific requests, please let me know, otherwise I will use my discretion.


Bringing You Closer to the Community

Wed Oct 15, 2014, 12:52 PM

As DeviantArt grows, we strive to find more ways to connect you with the things and people that matter to you most. After months of designing, testing, and engaging in community conversations around the shape of things to come, we're proud to announce a series of features that will bring you closer to the community.

Our guiding principles are to bring you a better, fresher, yet familiar site experience, giving you more power to do what you want and, more importantly, create deeper connections between your friends and favorite artists.

Today Page

Welcome to Today on DeviantArt.

The Today page is the place to start your day. It's the pulse of the DeviantArt community. When art-related news happens around the world, deviant artists are among the first to respond in the most evocative ways possible. We're proud to unveil the Today page — the new human and dynamically powered newspaper for the community that reflects the stories inside of DeviantArt as they pertain to art, fandom, pop culture, and world culture.

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Connecting you with your watchers.

The Watch Feed creates a sequential stream of activity from your watchlist, including deviations, Journals, Collections, Polls, Forums threads, and more. Status Updates let people share quick updates about what they're working on or what inspires them. Find an awesome deviation? Share it in your Status Update.

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Giving curators the recognition they deserve.

You can now watch Collections, delivering you a custom stream of daily inspiration to your Watch Feed. Collections are now visible on deviation pages and tag pages, giving curators more exposure. Become a curator and create Collections of artwork around topics or genres you love.

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Discover more of your favorite topics.

Tags bring together different types of content around a common topic, allowing deviants to discover new art, meet new artists, and create conversations about shared interests. As an artist, tags can help you reach new audiences. Tags can be used basically everywhere — on deviations, Status Updates, Comments, Journals, deviation descriptions, private Notes, etc.

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Wall of Art by Roky320
Giving curators the recognition they deserve.

With the launch of the Watch Feed, you can also now watch Collections made by other deviants. Collections are surfaced through the Watch Feed, creating a new way to discover and expose artwork on DeviantArt. Collections have been given additional exposure by appearing on deviation pages as well as tag pages.

Watchcollection by danlev

“I am loving Collections as well. I am proud of my Collections and am glad they will finally be getting notice. And it also gives more exposure to the artists as this is more viral in nature than simply faving something then making an art feature journal to share it with others.”  —GillianIvy

Managing Collections

When you watch someone, you’ll automatically be watching all of their Collections — but you can also choose to enable or disable watching Collections on a deviant-by-deviant basis.

To watch only specific Collections from a deviant, uncheck “Collections” on their watch settings (now you’re watching none of their Collections), and then visit one of their Collections and then click “+Watch Collection.”

If you’d prefer not to have one of your Collections displayed on other deviants' Activity Feeds, you can visit the Collection Options area of your Collection and check "Disable watching".

Collections on Deviation Pages

Art curators are among the unsung heroes of DeviantArt, and with these new changes, we’re now surfacing Collections on deviation pages, allowing you to discover curations of artwork that include that specific deviation.

Tagging Collections

Using the new Tags feature, you can now tag your Collections with relevant topics. Tags will display on your Collections. Relevant Collections will be displayed on tag pages, giving more exposure to curators’ work.

Share your thoughts on the new Collections features by posting a Status Update using the #Collections tag.

Artist credit: Wall of Art by Roky320

The following journal applies to deviants who have access to our new tags feature that was launched to a small test audience last week.  If you received the following Hot Topic in your Message Center, you likely have access to tags.  If you didn’t receive the following Hot Topic, you likely don’t have access at this time.  Sit tight, as we’ll be rolling out the release to a wider audience soon!

Tags are our new way to label and create conversations around a topic. Tags can be used everywhere — in Status Updates, Collections, comments, deviation descriptions, or Journals. When clicked, you’ll discover a tag page full of content and activity around the topic.

As someone in the test audience for tags, you’re among the first to see the beginnings of our tag system and we’d appreciate your feedback -- both in terms of what you think so far, and where’d you’d like to see things go in the future.

Anatomy of a Tag Page

Let’s take a look at tag pages in their current form.

Tagpagenew by danlev

Tags bring together different types of content around a common topic, allowing deviants to discover new art, meet new artists, and create conversations about shared interests.  You can tag lots of different things, in many different places -- deviations, Journals, Collections, Status Updates, and comments. Tag pages surface the activity for you and allow the whole community to be part of the conversation.

The goal of tags is to help you find art and topics that you resonate with, and help you find new ways to participate in the community.

Tell Us What Your Ideal Tag Page Looks Like

We’re currently exploring the functional and visual presentations of tag pages, and our roadmap for what’s to come includes a robust tagging system.  Here are some ideas related to tags that we’ve been thinking about. We’d like to hear what you think of our ideas, and invite you to share your own!

  • More ways to filter deviations, such as by most recent
  • Filtering tag pages to show only specific types of content (Status Updates, Collections...)

  • Tagging Groups

  • Watching Tags, which could send new deviations in your activity feed

  • Favouriting or “saving” tags

  • Trending tags

  • Tagging Forum threads

  • Your friends’ activity on this tag

Daily Tag Challenges

Throughout the next week, try out these daily tags by posting a Status Update using the tag of the day. If you create artwork for one of these days, be sure to tag your deviation with the appropriate tag. To see what others are saying or creating around a daily tag, visit the tag pages.

  • October 7 (Tuesday): #FoundOnNewest: Share an interesting deviation you found in the Newest browse mode.

  • October 8 (Wednesday): #WatercolorWednesday: Share (or create!) a captivating watercolor deviation.

  • October 9 (Thursday): #Haiku: Write a haiku as a Status Update.

  • October 10 (Friday): #FanArtFriday: Share or create fan art of your favourite video games, TV shows, movies, etc.

  • October 11 (Saturday): #15MinuteSketch: Create a sketch in 15 minutes and share your results!

  • October 12 (Sunday): #Undiscovered: Share a status featuring a deviation that deserves attention.

  • October 13 (Monday):  #NoComments: Share a deviation that deserves its very first comment!

  • October 14 (Tuesday): #TraditionalTuesday: Share (or create!) an awesome traditional art deviation!


Dan Leveille
I work in Marketing at deviantART. I love the internet. I'm an LGBT activist, Developer, Designer, Photographer. I graduated from RIT. I'm building Equaldex (equalitopia on deviantART), an application that will analyze the LGBT movement. I also run a LGBT rights blog.

Journal History


How do you feel about how frequently your Watch Feed updates with new items? 

18 deviants said I wish it updated much more frequently. #gimmemore
12 deviants said It's about right.
9 deviants said I wish it updated slightly less frequently.
7 deviants said I wish it updated slightly more frequently.
5 deviants said I wish it updated much less frequently.


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starswirl375 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Artisan Crafter
Siansaar Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
I miss being able to switch between Popular in the last 8 hours, 24 hours, week etc.
Could you bring that back?
(Or rather, could you forward that to the coding people so they bring it back)
Edit: Nevermind, found it on the browse page. Thought it was something for the "What's hot" page. Incidentally though, maybe the function to delete comments might be useful ;)
Edit 2: Sorry to keep bothering you, but I just thought of something: Since the "daily deviations, what's hot" etc. bar keeps scrolling with you, how about implementing the message center and homepage access there for easier all-time access?
danlev Featured By Owner 1 day ago
That's something we're currently looking into. :)
NinjaYoshi585 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Writer
I have an idea: make a poll about of we like the new layout or not. Sure, there'd probably be a lot of 'no', but it might stop so many hate comments from coming in. Maybe even ask them why they dislike it. 
Also, if you could, I would love if you brought back the dd's. 
If you took the time to read this staff, thank you, and I hope I helped you, though I'm sure I probably didn't. :)
Enigmus-288 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Excuse me Mr.danlev are you the person who runs DA or are one of the people who helps run it (or is it nether)?
danlev Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I work in the Marketing department at DeviantArt. :)
Enigmus-288 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Oh okay so like I said your one of the workers for DA?
danlev Featured By Owner 1 day ago
(1 Reply)
amiablez Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*nostalgia* surely everything is advance and enhanced but indeedly deviantART is losing its own old originality and simple uniqueness. Liked the feeds, collections to some extend and happy that you retained the browse page but everything seems so overwhelming specially on today's page.. this will surely cause a lesser exposure to some deviations and deviants (especially those who are not that popular) and plus it will take a long long time to reach a poll and journals (which were used to reside in that awesome dark green shade). What we want is to have everything be precised, summarized, catchy, accessible and within our visual field as before. I hope you guys can understand my opinion. Felt the need to write this cause these changes were giving me a feel of home-sickness. Thanks.
Hollowcyclone Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Artisan Crafter
Excuse me sir. I don't quite understand who you are. But I'm not here to hate on the new layout but here to simply ask. Will there be an option for changing to the old layout for those who like it? I mean I'm not a very hateful person to those who've done nothing wrong. However like most people I don't really like this new layout. Thank you for your time and I apologize for wasting it if this was already answered. Thanks again. 
LlNXIE Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
GUYS. Stop attacking the admins about the new layout. This is an art website. And the layout should not matter!!!
Imagine being the admin and you made a change to your website. Then you receive over 1,000 hate messages.

Just stop. Don't attack them JFC.
EKKnight Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
That's exactly what is supposed to happen when a leader makes a bad decision. You are very noble for defending the admins though. 
LlNXIE Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
True. But I just want people to say it in a nicer way. They are cursing him out and stuff. ._.
EKKnight Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah. But if you have a complaint and you do it nicely people usually dismiss it :( It looks like the complaints are slowing down though. 
lag-roil Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
I agree about the New Layout being a piece of shit.
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