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OMG. I can't.
Literally, I just can't.
I don't even. Ew.

Sipping a latte
Writing a haiku poem
Friday is the best

#HaikuPoetryDayShare a Haiku
Well... I guess the cat's out of the bag. This is the project that we've been working on.
Where Subscriber's Money REALLY Goes by priteeboy
Where Subscriber's Money REALLY Goes
So you thought that otherisland you saw years ago is where all your subscriptions premium membership funds went ay? Well April Fools! That was just a cover-up for what dA was really spending your tax points on :paranoid:

A new logo begs for a new island shaped like it, bigger, better and with room for all the things people said should have been on the first. Just don't change your logo again deviantART, or I'll have to make you a continent next time around, and I'm not made of continents! :shakefist:

OK so I actually started this late last year, not long after the new logo was released. It was meant to be done before Christmas but life got in the way and it took up until now to get it finished. Better late than never, deviant-land wasn't built in a day :no: I pulled out a little bit of everything I use to create this one in both software and technique, with 3D modelling, Vue, digital painting and matte-painting all combining forces to take on this monster task. I'm just glad it's done and hope you guys thought it was worth the wait.

Update: Due to popular demand, a Fella-shaped "Statue of Artistic Liberation" (that name was my idea) has been constructed :la:

Artwork made and copyrighted by me. Please do not re-use or redistribute without my permission DeviantART logo copyright...uhh, deviantART. They can feature/promote it for on-site purposes if they want, with credit due of course ;)
Busted out this illustration of a house in the Hollywood Hills — I really wanted to challenge myself with the weird angles of this place. I think it came out pretty good for a 40 minute sketch drawn from a few miles away. I really like how I did the trees.


Filename by endosage

Best of: Clash of Clans Fan Art

Wed Mar 18, 2015, 12:48 PM

ClashofClans by OmenD4
Digital paintings, cosplay, sculptures, and other fan art from Supercell's popular mobile game, Clash of Clans.

Archer from Clash of Clans by tjota

ClashofClans by OmenD4
Witch from Clash of Clans by Silartworks
Clash of Clans Archer Wallpaper by amao2006
Clash of Clans - Chaos by halie-teeClash of Clans Archer by Newsha-GhasemiARCHER CLASH OF CLANS by littleowl88
P.E.K.K.A by cedalcaldeGolem by Sollaw
PEKKA alt version by raiso

Commission: Goblin for Katie0513 by StarlightFroggy Commission: P.E.K.K.A for Katie0513 by StarlightFroggy

Golem Clash of Clans by MyMiniFactory

Clash Of Clans by Gamestarblue

Golem - Clash of Clans by lokkyta
Clash Clans Art by BotswanaSteve
Witch Final by Delofasht
Clash of Clans default archer by nders
0041 by solitarium
0052 by solitarium
Clash of Clans by natashya-k

Clash of Clans by Tuhis

Clash of Clans Goblin Charm by WispyChipmunk

Clash of Clans Cake

Clash of Clans birthday cake by Charley-Blue

Clash of Clans Cosplay

Clash of Clans Cosplay: The Ladies! by bestfriendscosplay
Archer - Clash of Clans by hornet98

Clash of Clans Tattoo

Clash of Clans Barbarian by morepunkthanyou

Browse more: #clashofclans 

More of my "best of" gaming fan art features:

Best of: Zelda Majora's Mask Fan Art
The best of the best: Fan art of Zelda's Majora's Mask.

Majora's Mask by KurkoBoltsi     Moonfall by Archaois
Majora's by Gahiko
Majora's Mask (Fan Poster) by Image-Six
Skull Kid - Majoras Mask by kit-a-ga-wa
MM: Fierce Deity VS Majora by KurkoBoltsi
Majora's Mask - Wooden Replica by supermaRiioMajora's Mask - Wooden Replica by supermaRiio
Majora's Mask by KirstyCarter
Majora's Mask by Arabesque91     DoA: Playing With The Moon by Orioto
The Skull Kid by JohnnyCago
Majora's Mask: The Clockworks by EternaLegend
Majoras Mask: The Moon by MaxGrecke
Full Moon by Sabretoontigers
  Best of: Cloud Strife Fan Art
Fans pay tribute to Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife, who some consider the most iconic character of the series.


Trapped in Memory by moyan
Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy 7 Fanart by JulienLasbleiz
Final Fantasy - Cloud Strife by KJS-1   Final Fantasy - Cloud by D17rulez
Stay cool by AgustinusCloud Strife:1st Class Soldier by Negshin
Cloud by PootDamnYou
Cloud Strife FFAC by ChanpART    Cloud Strife by uxv
FF7 CRISIS CORE Cloud and Zack by SantaFung
Cloud Strife -detail- by mandi-chan     FFVII: Through the Lifestream by Risachantag
cloud tribute by Wen-JR
  Best of: Journey Fan Art
Journey is an award-winning PlayStation game known for its innovative gameplay and beautiful visuals. Developed by thatgamecompany (makers of Flow and Flower), the game is a popular subject for fan art on deviantART. Here are some stunning fan art tributes to the game.
Browse more: #journeygame


Skin by Dan Leveille

Best of: Cloud Strife Fan Art

Fri Mar 6, 2015, 6:52 PM


Fri Mar 6, 2015, 2:07 PM

Inspired by wreckling's Journal, here are deviants I will #WatchForever.

:iconflorentcourty: FlorentCourty

<da:thumb id="354060108"/><da:thumb id="323890969"/><da:thumb id="342474134"/>

:iconagnes-cecile: agnes-cecile

<da:thumb id="190095981"/><da:thumb id="239169644"/><da:thumb id="204982278"/>

:iconimustbedead: IMustBeDead

<da:thumb id="189077978"/><da:thumb id="95614823"/><da:thumb id="138506987"/>

:iconcakecrumbs: cakecrumbs 
<da:thumb id="417528110"/><da:thumb id="321298423"/><da:thumb id="514826978"/>

:iconophelia-overdose: Ophelia-Overdose

<da:thumb id="206767751"/><da:thumb id="201058861"/><da:thumb id="513668763"/>

:iconrhads: RHADS

<da:thumb id="505224208"/><da:thumb id="343275834"/><da:thumb id="327473896"/>

And now, a really awesome list of really awesome deviants:

AshleyxBrooke davidkawena JaimeIbarra Katara-Alchemist  KevinRossatty dekorAdum ifiam GENZOMAN deignis GillianIvy priteeboy Rossipoo lieveheersbeestje marcinwuu

Now how about you?

Who are some of your favorite deviants? You should make a journal like this one and share some deviants that you'll watch forever. La la la la

Also, be sure to tag your Journal with #WatchForever, so people can check out who you love to watch!

Skin by Dan Leveille


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I work in Marketing at deviantART. I love the internet. I'm an LGBT activist, Developer, Designer, Photographer. I graduated from RIT. I'm building Equaldex (equalitopia on deviantART), an application that will analyze the LGBT movement. I also run a LGBT rights blog.

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12 deviants said I wish it updated much less frequently.
10 deviants said I wish it updated slightly more frequently.


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