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Notes Search Now Available

Thu Jan 7, 2016, 12:32 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.54.19 AM by danlev

One of the most highly requested features is now here: the ability to search notes! Notes search allows you to do things like:

  • Find all notes you’ve sent to a specific deviant
  • Find all notes from a deviant that contain a keyword
  • Search for a keyword within a custom folder
  • Find all unread notes that contain a keyword
  • Search your drafts
To search your notes, simply enter a keyword in the search box. You can also use the advanced search dropdown to filter your search results.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 12.17.29 PM by danlev

Advanced Operators

Advanced operators can help you narrow your search:
  • subject:keyword — Find notes with a keyword in the subject. Example: subject:commission.
  • body:keyword — Find notes with a keyword in the body. Example: body:painting.
  • " " (quotes) — Search for an exact phrase. Example: "art gallery".
  • (hyphen) — Used to exclude notes that contain a keyword. Example: painting -digital.

Visit Your Notes

Note: During the initial launch, only the past year of your notes will be searchable. We hope to expand this in the future.

Status Update Notifications

Thu Jan 7, 2016, 12:11 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.52.56 PM by danlev

Starting today, status updates posted by deviants you watch now appear in your notifications. This has been a popular request from deviants who actively post status updates. With status updates in notifications, it will ensure that more of your watchers see your posts.

Like other notifications, status updates can be viewed in list view (text only) or grid view (full thumbnails). Status update notifications can also be stacked, which groups notifications by deviant together.

Make Your Status Update Stand Out

Adding a deviation to your status updates is a quick way of making it stand out to your watchers. Simply add a deviation by pasting a link to a deviation in your Status Update, or use the "Add Media" button. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.44.21 PM by danlev

An Easy Way To Communicate With Your Watchers

Status updates are a quick and easy way to communicate with your watchers. They’re a great way to give an insider peek about what you’re working on, share inspiring art or articles, feature your favorite artists, or simply share what’s on your mind.

Post a Status Update

Or, view your notifications to see 
status updates posted by your watchers.


The DeviantArt Mobile App — now with millions of installs on iOS and Android — brings the DeviantArt experience to mobile phones and devices. With so many deviants using the app to upload art, browse and comment on deviations from people they watch, check their profile, send notes to their friends, we get a lot of feedback about what features deviants want to see next.

Today, we released push notifications for notes, a highly requested feature and the first of many notifications on the app.

When you receive a new note, you’ll receive a push notification on your phone, letting you easily respond to friends and fans even quicker.

An update to the Mobile App is now available in the iOS and Android app stores. Once you open the updated app, you’ll be prompted to allow push notifications once you log in.

More Push Notifications To Come

Push notifications for notes are just the start. The next steps include the ability to receive push notifications for more actions on DeviantArt. Please feel free to share you feedback in the comments on what push notifications you’d like to see next, and how you’d like to be able to customize them.


Another top mobile request we’ve received is the ability to download deviations. Especially useful in choosing backgrounds for your phones, this feature is now available on all deviations that have downloads available.

To enable your deviations for download, simply check the “downloads” checkbox in the submission process (or while editing an existing deviation).


Get it on Google Play   

Beta Launch: Notes Search

Tue Nov 24, 2015, 12:26 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

One of the most highly requested features is now here: the ability to search notes! Notes search allows you to do things like:

  • Find all notes you’ve sent to a specific deviant

  • Find all notes from a deviant that contain a keyword

  • Search for a keyword within a custom folder

  • Find all unread notes that contain a keyword

  • Search your drafts

To search your notes, simply enter a keyword in the search box. You can also use the advanced search dropdown to filter your search results.

During the initial launch, only the past year of your notes will be searchable.

Try it out!

Beta Testers, we need your help in testing notes search! Try searches you normally would, and then try some really advanced searches.

  • Search using advanced operators

  • Search within custom folders

  • Search to and from specific deviants

  • Try searching, and then editing your queries

  • Try browsing results and selecting notes

Visit Your Notes

Bugs can be reported in the Notes Search project or as a comment on this article.

Beta Preview of Watch 2.0

Mon Nov 16, 2015, 2:38 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

This preview is available to a small group of new deviants, as well as Core Members who were Beta Testers as of November 11th.  We will continue to add deviants to the preview group in the coming days and weeks.

The heart of the DeviantArt experience is based on viewing and interacting with the art and activity from the deviants and groups you watch. Today, we’re providing an early preview into Watch 2.0 where we’ve taken the activities deviants do most and built an experience geared toward exactly those actions.

Please keep in mind that this is an early Beta Preview. You are likely to encounter bugs and functions that are still being worked on.  

(You can turn it off at anytime.)

Focusing on Art and Discovery

Watch is a feed that aggregates activity (like deviations, journals, collections, status updates, etc.) from the deviants and groups you watch (aka follow). We’ve built Watch 2.0 with browsing art in mind, allowing you to view a screen covered edge-to-edge in art.

The two main sections of Watch are deviations and posts:

  • Deviations: A stream of deviations from the deviants you watch; deviations they’ve submitted, deviations they’ve favorited, and deviations they’ve submitted to groups.

  • Posts: Journals, Status Updates, and Polls from deviants you watch.

Your Deviation Browsing Experience: Reimagined

The core use of the Message Center revolves around viewing deviations from deviants you watch.  We set out to completely revamp the experience of browsing and interacting with deviations, based on what we've learned and the feedback we've heard over the years. We’ve taken a lot of the functionality around deviations in the Message Center, and designed an experience optimized for it.

Watch2 by danlev

1. Saved Items

Saving deviations is a quick way of “bookmarking” them for later. When you click a deviation to see the new pop-up deviation page, the “save” button is located right next to the favourite button.

2. “Show” Menu

The “Show” menu lets you filter specific content types. From this menu, you can choose to display deviations, favourites, and/or group deviations. While on the Posts tab, the dropdown will let you filter by status updates, journals, or polls.

3. Deviants Menu

The deviants menu is a new way of viewing your favorite artists’ activity. Selecting an artist isolates their activity, letting you easily see what they’ve been up to. You can also “pin” your favorite artists to easily access them later.

Pop-Up Display

The pop-up display is a new way of browsing deviations. From this mode, you can view almost everything you can do on a deviation page, including favoriting, reading and posting comments, etc. Views in this browsing mode are counted towards the deviations views.

New Navigation

Along with Watch 2.0, we’re introducing a new global navigation across the site.

Notifications & Notes

Most of the components of the Message Center have been split into two sections: Watch and Notifications. The new notifications dropdown makes it easier than ever to quickly access new comments, replies, mentions, favorites on your artwork, and other notices related to you and your art.

Just like notifications, you can also view new notes without leaving the page you’re on.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.15.22 PM by danlev

Preventing Message Anxiety

If you’re an active deviant, it’s not hard to amass over 1,000 notifications. While it’s nice to know that you’ll never miss a thing from the people you watch, it can be cumbersome and stressful to have to deal with so many messages, filtering out the important ones. We often hear that deviants are stressed out by their Message Center and occasionally just purge all of their messages, which defeat the purpose of the Message Center.

While the full Message Center isn’t going away, we want to give you a taste of what we have in mind for a smoother experience.

Watch Recommendations

Thu Oct 1, 2015, 1:54 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

what friends are for by auroille

A few months ago, we released Watch Recommendations to new deviants -- a feature that suggests deviants to watch for those who have just joined DeviantArt.  The aim being to match new deviants with active deviants -- ones who represent the depth and breadth of all has to offer.

Starting today, we’re adding deviant recommendations to your watch.

Discover by danlev

The new Watch Recommendations will display occasionally in your watch, suggesting deviants you might be interested in following. Deviants who appear as recommendations include people who have proven to be friendly and engaging in the community, as well as deviants who have reached a standard of artistic excellence.

If you find a deviant that you’re not interested in, simply click the “x” button and you won’t see that deviant again.

The Watch Recommendations feature is experimental, and we’ll be continuously improving the way it displays and how it selects deviants. Eventually, we’ll make recommendations more personalized to you, so you can discover new artists that are relevant to your interests. Until then, we’d love to hear your feedback on how we can improve this feature.

Visit Your Watch

Main+Poster+NO+TEXT by danlev
Check it out! My friend AlexMyung just released a trailer for his film, Arrival. So proud of him! The film looks so stunning!

In 2013, I interviewed Alex about the film and his Kickstarter, which raised $21,836, surpassing its $20,000 goal.

Follow the film:

Skin by Dan Leveille

Beta Test: New Thumbnail Grid

Fri Sep 18, 2015, 11:28 AM by danlev:icondanlev:

In June, we announced an upcoming thumbnail grid. Today, we’re releasing the thumbnail grid and new thumb sizes to Beta Testers and we need your keen eyes! :sherlock:

Highlights of the new thumbnails include:

  • Bigger thumbnails and a new grid system allows more emphasis to be placed on art.

  • The old grid leaves uneven or irregular gaps between images, while our new grid maximizes screen space to create a wall of beautifully displayed deviations.

  • The new thumbnail grid is optimized for bandwidth. Images will use slightly more bandwidth, but less bandwidth used across multiple pages.

  • Thumbnails are optimized for retina and high-resolution screens.

  • We put special care into the look of non-standard image types, such as literature, pixel art, and emoticons ensure that kinds of art are featured respectfully and beautifully.

  • Read more

Please note: During this test, the new thumbnails will only be displayed on search and browse pages.

What to know:

Who has access to the new thumbnail grid?

Beta Testers only.

Will the new thumbnail grid be on all pages?

Eventually, yes. However, during this test, the new grid is only available on browse pages, search pages, and tag pages on the desktop site. The new thumbnail grid is not currently testable on the mobile site, however, it will be once it launches.

What happened to being able to drag-and-drop thumbnails into my favourites?

While the ability to drag and drop thumbnails into your favourites isn't available in the new thumbnail grid beta test, we're working on a new solution that'll let you easily add deviations to your favourites. We'll be sharing more details about this soon.

How can I help test the new thumbnail grid?

Use it!  Tell us what you like and what you don’t.  Do you enjoy the way different deviation types are presented as thumbnails?  Leave a comment on this journal.  Found a bug?  We want to know.

What types of bugs should I look for?

  • Loading issues

  • Cases of specific deviations not displaying properly

  • Alignment and display issues

How do I provide feedback or report a bug?

General feedback can be left in the comments of this article.  If you run into bugs, submit them to the bug tracker under the New Thumbnail Grid project and we'll work to get everything fixed as soon as we can. :bug:  

Please remember that this is a beta test and you may run into bugs. We appreciate your help and feedback on this project and we're excited to share it with the rest of the community! :)

I recently came across Reddit's brilliant r/AnimalsWithoutNecks. Here are some of my favorites.

Goat by mburnell

Frog by steven1350  

Cow by netwoodle

Horse by I_Hate_Pasta

Seagull by mburnell

Rhinoceros by I_Hate_Pasta

Zebra by I_Hate_Pasta

Pig by bebemaster 

Kangaroo by I_Hate_Pasta

Baby Camel by brimstn

Bear by I_Hate_Pasta

Sheep by I_Hate_Pasta

Giraffes by 10_15_10_15

Kiwi by hotshowerscene

And my favorite: the potamus.

Skin by Dan Leveille

Starbow, Tre Cime by alierturk

Intermittent Site Updates

As you may have noticed in the past few weeks, we’ve stopped publishing our regular Site Updates. Four months ago, we launched the DeviantArt Timeline to showcase our past accomplishments and provide insight into future happenings on the site. We will continue to use the DeviantArt Timeline as a central hub of our announcements.

While we are phasing out the weekly updates, we will continue communicating changes to the community when we have announcements to share.  Smaller site changes, which were normally in the Change Log section of Site Updates, may still be communicated through ad-hoc Site Updates. This change will allow us to better focus our efforts on top priorities while making individual postings even more meaningful and impactful.

Mobile App Updates: Notes and Improved Notifications

By popular demand, two highly-requested features are now available in the mobile app!

  • Notes: It’s now easier than ever to have private conversations with other deviants.
  • Notifications: With a completely revamped notifications, you can now view your comments, replies, activity, and mentions, just like the desktop site.

Read more

Help Desk Changes

After fifteen years on the Internet, DeviantArt's Help section has become home to an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions — covering everything from Groups support, to Core Membership inquiries, to issues involving harassment.  These FAQs contain answers and guidance to common occurrences and concerns that deviants encounter.

Recently, the Help section was updated to provide better streamlining to FAQ answers.  By organizing and grouping together some of our most Frequently Frequently Asked Questions — the elusive FFAQs — we're able to direct deviants down paths that will, in many cases, provide immediate answers to questions.  If a question cannot be answered via the FAQs, deviants will then be prompted to submit a Help Desk ticket per normal.

This update was implemented to provide easier access to commonly asked questions.  Many questions and/or issues submitted to the Help Desk are easily found in the FAQ.  By allowing deviants better access to information, the Help Desk team is able to dedicate more time to tickets that require troubleshooting and investigation.

No changes have been made regarding DeviantArt's policies or to the types of tickets to which we respond.  Every Help Desk ticket is reviewed by a member of DeviantArt's Community Operations team.

Windows App: Easy Access to The Mobile Site

We are working with Microsoft to ensure that DeviantArt's Web experience works great on Windows 10 devices  including Surface tablets and Windows mobile phones.  The app won’t have the full native feature set of our iOS and Android apps, but will include most of the functionality from our mobile website. The app will be available in the Windows Store in the coming weeks, with several app-only enhancements  like Live Tiles!  We are eager to see the the community's response, as this will inform our commitment to future Windows product enhancements.

Prints Now Exclusively Available on Deviation Pages

Several years ago, we introduced a “Buy This Print” button directly on deviation pages, so potential buyers could configure and purchase a print without having to leave the page. Our intention of this change was always to phase out the prints pages. Today, we’re making that change.

The old prints pages, which were only accessible through the main DeviantArt Shop or on the prints tab of profiles, has been phased out. All links now point to the deviation page.

Channels Being Phased Out

As DeviantArt grows, interest in different features shifts. Over the past years, the usage of channels has been on a constant decline. In the past week, less than 0.007% of DeviantArt’s traffic visited channels. Because of deviants’ lack of interest in channels, we will be phasing them out later today.

But why not just leave a feature as-is rather than phasing it out? Even if a feature is not actively updated, it still adds maintenance and technical costs, including fixing bugs with the feature that might arise or responding to Help Desk tickets regarding the feature. For every feature that DeviantArt has, making changes to the overall site adds more time and costs. For example, if the site design or thumbnail design is updated, every page has to be accounted for. In addition, outdated pages add unnecessary complexity to the site, making DeviantArt harder to understand for new deviants.

Phasing out channels and old print pages will let us better focus our efforts on DeviantArt’s primary goals.

Looking for Volunteers to Test A Groups Feature

We are currently experimenting with a new feature for groups. This is a very experimental feature and we’re looking for group admins who are interested in trying it out. This feature has a mobile component to it, so we’re looking for admins who also have an iOS or Android phone.

If you or anyone you know fits this criteria, please say so in the comments, and don’t forget to include your Group’s name!

App Updates: Notes and Notifications!

Tue Sep 1, 2015, 12:58 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

By popular demand, the DeviantArt Mobile App now includes two new features: notes and improved notifications!

Digital artist rossdraws talks about how he uses the DeviantArt Mobile App when he's away from his computer.


Access your notes through the mobile app, making private conversations between you and other deviants easily accessible on the go.  Notes are synced between the desktop site and mobile app, creating one seamless experience.  Send a note, access your inbox, or view sent items – it’s all there.

Send Note Button by danlev Notes by danlev Send Note by danlev


Just like on the desktop site, notifications on the mobile app now let you filter through various types of updates related to you  including comments, replies, activity, and mentions.

This update also includes some other smaller changes including labels on the navigation icons as well as bug fixes. 


The world's largest art gallery in your hand!  Get it now:

Get it on Google Play      

Already have the app? Visit your app store to update to the latest version with notes and notifications!

Evil Returns by andreasrocha
Though Halloween only comes once a year, you can enjoy these horrific deviations all year round.

Curated by madizzlee and I. 

Lusus Naturae by Erebus88Monster by Disse86BLOOD WINDOW POSTER - Ventana Sur / INCAA by FlavioGrecoThe Pumpkin King by scarypetBrainsgiving Dinner by hardnox757Tokyo Ghoul by visagaSomething is in the Basement by david-sladekIncarnate by moni158Trick or treat by RadoJavorPale Bill by SpineBenderWe should take the other road by nachoyague+Fear the Reaper+ by moni158on the tree by ChristianNauckEvil Returns by andreasrochaDevil by DanielaUhligThose Who Play for Ghosts by TheMichaelMacRaeEd by thienbaoForever Burning Heart by apterusTell-Tale Heart by andrewmarthe guardian by RadoJavorThe Thing by Disse86Ghost Rider by ramsesmelendezeSilent prayers by AquaSixioEvil Lord III by ramsesmelendezeZombie Doodle by belldandy105Ghost Rider by ramsesmelendezeMonster 20141214 by noistromothe Last of Us - Clicker by thomaswieveggFloaters by mattdonniciCarnivore by NickSachosMinotaur Bust by javi-ureHalloween 2012 by UnidColorsea monster by DanielaUhligHalloween 2008 by x-catmanHalloween by SimonWeanerTWISTED TWINS by BRAINMACHINESylvia and Jen Soska by CitcCitcFriday Night Frights by patrickballesteros

Skin by Dan Leveille

DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Fri Aug 7, 2015, 12:18 AM

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

11 years, 10 months, and 19 days!

2. What does your username mean?

Dan Lev(eille)

3. Describe yourself in three words.

Laid-back, friendly, passionate

4. Are you left or right handed?


5. What was your first deviation?

Final Fantasy IX by danlev
A drawing I made in 2001 (when I was 13), but submitted the day I joined DeviantArt in 2003. Final Fantasy IX was my first and favorite of the series. 

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

Lately, it's been web and interface design, though I do love photography as well.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Logo and icon design. I have experience with it, but I wish I had it mastered. It'd be very helpful when designing interfaces.

However, mastering video and animation would be handy as well.

8. What was your first favourite?

Lookit those baby blue eyes aw by karniz
Another Final Fantasy IX deviation.

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Probably photography. I think I browse that category the most, however, I think digital art might be a runner up.

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

:iconflorentcourty: FlorentCourty
It's so hard to choose one, but Florent has been one of my favourite photographers for a while, because of his breathtaking landscape shots.

Sheep and Volcanoes by FlorentCourtyMountain Majesty by FlorentCourtyMystery Keepers by FlorentCourty

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

Two of my old friends, iNN0CENTxKiSSES and endlessdark, who I knew from way back in the day. They were good friends of mine from when I was in high school. :aww:

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

punkie078, who was also one of my friends from way back. We met on DeviantArt (I believe in the chat rooms) maybe 10 or 11 years ago. Though there isn't one specific thing he's done to impact my life, we've been online friends (and met IRL a couple times!) ever since, and we'e stayed in touch all this time.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

Photoshop, Sublime, Chrome Developer Tools, and a huge Thunderbolt display. :D 

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

To be honest, alone at my desk in my apartment. =p

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
It's definitely DeviantArt's 10th birthday party at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. It was so great to see so many deviants celebrating in one, physical location. :)

(Photo by zemotion)

Now it's your turn!

Copy and paste these questions into a journal, put your own spin on the answers, and title the journal DeviantArtist Questionnaire. Post it to the Deviant Events category and use the #DeviantArtistQuestionnaire tag when submitting.  

Skin by Dan Leveille

Search in Favourites is Finally Here.

Fri Jul 24, 2015, 4:05 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

Remember that deviation you faved way back when that has since gotten lost in the sea of your other faves? Now, all you need to do is search your favourites to find it!

The ability to search favourites, as well as search other deviants' favourites, has long been one of the community's most requested features – and it's finally here!

Polls No Longer Require Owner's Vote

Wed Jul 8, 2015, 12:12 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

By popular demand, you no longer need to vote on your own poll to see the results. Poll results are now visible immediately after submitting a new poll. Enjoy!

Polls can be created by Premium Members using the poll widget on your profile.

Collaborative Deviations: A Discussion

Wed Jun 24, 2015, 12:55 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

Old Paint Brushes by xSweetSlayerx

A common request from deviants is to post collaborative deviations, where more than one deviant has worked to create the end product. In our recent
Top Community Feature Requests and Our Responses journal, we briefly addressed why we haven’t yet undertaken collaborative deviations.  However, we want to open a discussion around how collaborations could theoretically work, so that we can better understand the community’s desires for such a feature.

Simple vs. Complex

We've already put a fair amount of thought into collaborations, but don't want to make assumptions about around how deviants would use the feature to best serve their needs.  From simple to complex, there are a number of ways we could implement collaborations and we’re interested to hear the community’s expectations.

If we wanted to go a simple route, a deviation could list multiple deviants as contributors to the final deviation, and that would be it. The problem with such an approach is that the deviation would only appear in one deviant’s gallery, and only that deviant would receive comments and favorites.

This likely isn’t an ideal solution, so if we pursue collaborative deviations, then we’re faced with more complex options. From a technical standpoint, these complex options pose a number of issues:

  • If we assume that the deviation appears in all of the deviants’ galleries, who receives notifications for action on that deviation?

  • All deviants would need to confirm that they worked on the deviation, in order for them to be cited.  What would the process be for adding collaborators to a deviation?  

  • Who can edit the deviation title, description, and other details? What happens if one collaborator makes a change the others don’t like?

  • How does a deviant remove oneself from a deviation at a later date? Can one deviant delete the deviation, or do they have to get approval from the others?

  • If the collaboration is sold as a print, who sets print prices? How are profits dealt with?

These are the challenges our Product and Devious Technology teams will need to address, and your feedback will help us determine whether these questions have straightforward answers or if they will require us to investigate more complex problem solving solutions.  We look forward to your feedback and expectations of this potential feature so that we have a better idea of where, and if, this proposed project should fit into our current priorities and build schedule.

Community Discussion

  1. Do you collaborate with other artists? If so, how often? Please share example deviations.

  2. What type of roles do other artists have in the creation of your deviation?

  3. Which features do you feel are required to make collaborative deviations useful to you?

Watch connects you with the people you watch by creating a sequential stream of activity, including deviations, journals, favourites, status updates, and more.

Today, we’re introducing some changes based on community requests: the ability to filter Watch, improved display of group deviations and favourites in Watch, and, by very popular request, separating group deviations in notifications.

Customize Watch Using Filters

We often hear from the community that deviants want to filter or dive into specific types of content on Watch. We’re happy to introduce a set of filters that let you customize what you see in Watch.

This is not a permanent feature, but we think you’ll enjoy the experience until Watch evolves into a more personalized feed. Our goal is to make Watch a personalized platform to discover and consume what’s interesting and relevant to you. Your choices and usage of these filters will help us build a more personalized Watch in the future.

These new features are live on the desktop site and in the the latest version of the DeviantArt Mobile App. An update to the app is now available in the App Store and Google Play.

Improved Thumbnail Grid for Group Deviations and Favourites

Deviants have told us that group deviations clutter their Watch, so we’ve introduced a new design that rolls up group deviations into a single update. With this change comes a new design for favourites folders and group deviations, both on desktop and the Mobile App. On Mobile, you can now swipe horizontally to scroll through favourites folders and group deviations directly from Watch.

(Note: This change is not retroactive; deviations submitted to groups prior to this change will still appear separately in Watch.)

Group Deviations Separated in Notifications

We surveyed a pool of deviants regarding group deviations and the feedback was overwhelming; deviants want group deviations to be separated out from regular deviations in notifications. This was also a popular request in the
DeviantArt Suggestions Forum. As of today, all deviations submitted to groups will be separated out.

(Note: This change is not retroactive; deviations submitted to groups before this change was made will still appear in your main “deviations” section. For deviants who use the splinter navigation menu, your deviation count currently still includes group deviation, but we are working on fixing this.)

Unwatching Deviants Now Removes Their Content From Watch and Notifications

When you unwatch deviants, their notifications (deviations, journals, polls, critiques, etc.) will now be automatically removed from your Notifications and Watch.

Try it out!

Try out the new Watch filters:
Visit Your Watch

Don't have the DeviantArt Mobile App yet? Get it now:

Get it on Google Play   

Stay tuned and keep an eye on the DeviantArt Timeline! More updates around notifications and Watch are coming!

The Upcoming Thumbnail Grid

Wed Jun 3, 2015, 4:52 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

On DeviantArt, your deviations are paramount, and we want to present them in the best way possible, even in thumbnail form.  Over the past few months, we've been working on a new thumbnail grid that maintains the integrity of your deviations, no matter their dimensions or content types. Our goal is to be better at displaying art than any other site on the Internet.

Problems We’re Solving

We can do better than the current thumbnail grid, which includes uneven or irregular gaps between deviations. These gaps don't have any visual rhythm, causing your eyes to jump all over the place. Some content types, including literature, journals, pixel art, and emoticons, don’t look ideal. Our new grid focuses on fixing these issues while modernizing the look and feel of DeviantArt.

Below are some concept designs that represent one avenue we’re exploring.  (These are works-in-progress and not final.  Also note that the category menu is hidden in these concepts, just to show how the grid would look in a full-width context.)

1a Desktop   Wall By Starvingartist-d8uzxzz by danlev    1b Desktop   Torpedo By Starvingartist-d8v06ii by danlev

Before and after concept designs on the desktop site

More Deviations

One of our core goals for the new grid revolves around displaying more deviations. The current grid leaves uneven or irregular gaps between images, and our new grid maximizes screen space — both on desktop and mobile Web — to create a wall of beautifully displayed deviations. When user-testing the new grid, the feedback we received is that people want to see deviations, and just deviations, when they’re browsing.

Thumbs Coverage by danlev

Comparison of the grid

More Deviations on Mobile

Every week, more and more deviants access DeviantArt via their mobile devices, using both our mobile Web site and the DeviantArt Mobile App.  Currently, mobile accounts for over 37% of DeviantArt’s traffic.  While that number continues to grow, we know the browsing experience is inferior, and the new thumbnail grid will significantly enhance the way deviations are viewed on-the-go.

With so many different mobile devices and screen sizes, it’s important to build a responsive thumbnail grid design that ensures your art looks good to everyone — no matter how they’re accessing DeviantArt.

While browsing DeviantArt’s mobile site, you’d typically see two or three thumbnails on your screen at a time. Our new design maximizes device screen space to show you as many deviations as possible, while also optimizing the display of deviations for retina and other high-resolution devices.

The new grid also extends to profiles, making your profile and deviations shine on any device’s screen.

2a Mobile   Wall By Starvingartist-d8uzy2c by danlev    2b Mobile   Torpedo By Starvingartist-d8v0623 by danlev

Before and after concept designs on mobile Web.

Optimized for Bandwidth ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

While the size and quality of our thumbnails is increasing, we’re intensely focused on optimizing how these images are served in regards to bandwidth usage. On the mobile version of the website, you’ll enjoy high resolution thumbnail images while your phone enjoys reduced bandwidth usage.

On the desktop site, images will use slightly more bandwidth to ensure that you’re seeing the best quality that fully represents a deviation, particularly for retina and high-resolution screens. We’re also optimizing the way images are served to you across multiple pages, so as you browse, your overall bandwidth usage will be cut down.

Deviations, Presented the Best Way Possible

With the new grid, we aim to present your deviations in the best possible way. We want to make sure your art looks like art, and your profile becomes even more of a showcase.

Thumbs Size by danlev

Comparison of size and quality of thumbnails. Click to view full size to best compare.

The new grid will be clean, putting focus on a deviation itself. Information such as the title, artist name, avatar, comment count, favourite count, and More Like This could be visible upon hover. The hover state could also include icons to indicate if the deviation is in your favourites, and if it is a Daily Deviation. (These ideas are not final — we’re still exploring a number of possibilities.)

Thumbs Pixel2 by danlev

Comparison of pixel art thumbnails. Artwork: Lightning Idle by AbyssWolf

Commitment to Integrity

As mentioned above, when designing this new grid, we paid special attention to maintaining the integrity of your deviations. With so many different types of artistic expression on DeviantArt, including non-standard image types, such as literature, pixel art, emoticons, and motion books, we want to ensure that kinds of art are featured respectfully and beautifully.

This is just the first of multiple journals to come that will discuss the new thumbnail grid.  Stay tuned for more technical details and visual aids, but in the meantime, we hope you'll weigh in with your thoughts on this exciting new display!

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Best of: Clash of Clans Fan Art

Wed Mar 18, 2015, 12:48 PM

ClashofClans by OmenD4
Digital paintings, cosplay, sculptures, and other fan art from Supercell's popular mobile game, Clash of Clans.

Archer from Clash of Clans by tjota

ClashofClans by OmenD4
Witch from Clash of Clans by Silartworks
Clash of Clans Archer Wallpaper by amao2006
Clash of Clans - Chaos by halie-teeClash of Clans Archer by Newsha-GhasemiCLASH OF CLANS ARCHER by littleowl88
P.E.K.K.A by cedalcaldeGolem by Sollaw
PEKKA alt version by raiso

Commission: Goblin for Katie0513 by StarlightFroggy Commission: P.E.K.K.A for Katie0513 by StarlightFroggy

Golem Clash of Clans by MyMiniFactory

Golem - Clash of Clans by lokkyta
Clash Clans Art by BotswanaSteve
Witch Final by Delofasht
Clash of Clans default archer by nders
0041 by solitarium
0052 by solitarium
Clash of Clans by natashya-k

Clash of Clans by Tuhis

Clash of Clans Goblin Charm by WispyChipmunk

Clash of Clans Cake

Clash of Clans birthday cake by Charley-Blue

Clash of Clans Cosplay

Clash of Clans Cosplay: The Ladies! by bestfriendscosplay
Archer - Clash of Clans by hornet98

Clash of Clans Tattoo

Clash of Clans Barbarian by morepunkthanyou

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Best of: Zelda Majora's Mask Fan Art
The best of the best: Fan art of Zelda's Majora's Mask.

     Moonfall by Archaois
Majora's by Gahiko
Majora's Mask (Fan Poster) by Image-Six

Majora's Mask - Wooden Replica by ThePropBoxMajora's Mask - Wooden Replica by ThePropBox
Majora's Mask by KirstyCarter
Majora's Mask by Arabesque91     DoA: Playing With The Moon by Orioto
The Skull Kid by JohnnyCago
Majora's Mask: The Clockworks by EternaLegend
Majoras Mask: The Moon by MaxGrecke
Full Moon by Sabretoontigers
  Best of: Cloud Strife Fan Art
Fans pay tribute to Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife, who some consider the most iconic character of the series.


Trapped in Memory by moyan
Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy 7 Fanart by JulienLasbleiz
Final Fantasy - Cloud Strife by KJS-1   Final Fantasy - Cloud by D17rulez
Stay cool by AgustinusCloud Strife:1st Class Soldier by Negshin
Cloud by PootDamnYou
Cloud Strife FFAC by ChanpART    Cloud Strife by uxv
FF7 CRISIS CORE Cloud and Zack by SantaFung
Cloud Strife -detail- by mandi-chan     FFVII: Through the Lifestream by Risachantag
cloud tribute by Wen-JR
  Best of: Journey Fan Art
Journey is an award-winning PlayStation game known for its innovative gameplay and beautiful visuals. Developed by thatgamecompany (makers of Flow and Flower), the game is a popular subject for fan art on deviantART. Here are some stunning fan art tributes to the game.
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     Journey by Willow-San
Journey by AilovcJourney by Hinoe-0
Journey by V-nom
journey by joe-wright
Journey by LeoLeus

Skin by Dan Leveille

Best of: Cloud Strife Fan Art

Fri Mar 6, 2015, 6:52 PM

Cloud Strife - repaint by tincek-marincek
Fans pay tribute to Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife, who some consider the most iconic character of the series.

Cloud by sakimichan008 7th Heaven (Tifa's Theme) by C780162Cloud Strife - repaint by tincek-marincek
Cloud Strife Design by tincek-marincek

Cloud - preview by Negshin    Cloud Strife by gavwoodhouse

I can hear his wing by jiuge

Perv Cloud by Minjanna   Cloud by Tarot7

Trapped in Memory by moyan
Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy 7 Fanart by JulienLasbleiz

Final Fantasy - Cloud Strife by KJS-1   Final Fantasy - Cloud by D17rulez

Stay cool by AgustinusCloud Strife:1st Class Soldier by Negshin
Cloud by PootDamnYou

Cloud Strife FFAC by ChanpART    Cloud Strife by uxv

FF7 CRISIS CORE Cloud and Zack by SantaFung

Cloud Strife -detail- by mandi-chan     FFVII: Through the Lifestream by Risachantag

cloud tribute by Wen-JRCLOUD by tatouji
Cloud by sulfoxides

Cloud strife by longai    Cloud Strife by kamillyonsiya

Cloud Omnislash ver.5 by longai    FFVII, THE SOLDIERS by longai

Cloud vs Sephiroth by buraisuko

FFAC POSTER WIP by jiuge    FF7-Cloud Strife by shuangwen

Joe Ling - Cloud by siguredo    Cloud Strife. by longai

Cloud Strife by HesterTatnell

FFVII ADVENT CHILDREN - Cloud by koloromuj    Joe Ling - Cloud 2 by siguredo    farewell revamp by sooj


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Best of: Zelda Majora's Mask Fan Art
The best of the best: Fan art of Zelda's Majora's Mask.

     Moonfall by Archaois
Majora's by Gahiko
Majora's Mask (Fan Poster) by Image-Six

Majora's Mask - Wooden Replica by ThePropBoxMajora's Mask - Wooden Replica by ThePropBox
Majora's Mask by KirstyCarter
Majora's Mask by Arabesque91     DoA: Playing With The Moon by Orioto
The Skull Kid by JohnnyCago
Majora's Mask: The Clockworks by EternaLegend
Majoras Mask: The Moon by MaxGrecke
Full Moon by Sabretoontigers
   40 Amazing How To Train Your Dragon Fan Art Pieces
Today marks the release date of How To Train Your Dragon 2. The sequel to the 2010 DreamWorks animation received very positive reviews: an 8.8/10 on IMDb and a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. Enjoy some of the deviantART community's tribute to the film.
Curated by madizzlee, Shyree, and me.

Astrid: Not the Face by avatarmiraiAcross the sky by Sabaku-no-hana
Hiccup and Toothless by ZipporaHiccup Cosplay How to train your dragon 2 by liui-aquino
HTTYD: Mistletoe by sharkie19How to make a smile by sorata-sNight Fury by DmitrysHTTYD - Toothless 01 by wynahiros
Toothless httyd by griffsnuff       Toothless by LukeFielding
HTTYD: The Final Showdown by AdoobibullTwin4
   Best of: Jack and The Beanstalk Artwork
A selection of artwork around the themes of the fairy tale, Jack and The Beanstalk.
Listen: Giants In The Sky — Daniel Huttlestone (From "Into The Woods")


Jack and the Beanstalk by nikogeyer
Kitty and the Beanstalk by RachelCurtis   JACK and the BEANSTALK by RachelCurtis
Jack And The Beanstalk by CAMartin      
Jack-and-the-Beanstalk by gigi4gJack and the Beanstalk by Ahvia
Jack and the beanstalk by RMBDarkmyth
Mamenoko Jack by JohnSu
Beanstalk by LightlyBow
   Best of: Journey Fan Art
Journey is an award-winning PlayStation game known for its innovative gameplay and beautiful visuals. Developed by thatgamecompany (makers of Flow and Flower), the game is a popular subject for fan art on deviantART. Here are some stunning fan art tributes to the game.
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     Journey by Willow-San
Journey by AilovcJourney by Hinoe-0
Journey by V-nom
journey by joe-wright
Journey by LeoLeus

Skin by Dan Leveille