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June 17, 2011


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If you're familiar with Angry Birds, you've most likely seen this image:
Angry Birds by Morriperkele

FUN FACT: This official Angry Birds promotional image that you see featured on the game's loading screen, the official website, and all over the web, was created by our very own Kimmo Lemetti (Morriperkele)!

I had a chance to talk briefly with Kimmo and his experience creating this image. He was commissioned by Rovio Mobile, the company who makes Angry Birds. According to Kimmo, he was given a very short deadline and the game was being released "within roughly a week."

How did Rovio Mobile discover you?
Morriperkele: I got hired to do this picture due to previous dealings with the CEO of Rovio Mobile, as I had worked with him before and he actually published my comic in his previous company.

What was the most challenging part of creating this image?
Morriperkele: Hardest part in creating the image was keeping it looking "fun enough," as the first sketches showed the birds with comically over-the-top rage faces on. With a lot of help from the art director at Rovio, [...] the picture eventually was finished long past the deadline. But that was sort of okay, as the release of the game was delayed by outside reasons giving me a bit of a grace period (thank god!).


A few weeks later, Angry Birds was released and instantly became a hit. The game is bringing in millions of downloads, lots of press coverage, and a ton of fans. The deviantART community loves Angry Birds, and if you don't believe it, here are 147 awesome Angry Birds fan art pieces:

Granddad Tells War Stories by roganJ0SH Moment of impact by Silverfox5213 Angry Birds by Pumaboy3d
These birds want bacon by bradsmith20 Frequent Flyer by VenettaButcher The Birds by NightmareHound ANGRY TO THE CORE by ijul
Angry Birds Rio by chezzepticon

Digital Art

Angry Birds Sketch by DerekHunter :thumb211726991: Angry Birds. by Noirzealt :thumb184390280:
Day 4 by RyanRoos Squuiisshhhyyyyy by AmyWinterbreeze Angry burds by Mekki angry birds by lilibz
Angry Birds vs. Sesame Street by Olechka01 Battle for LA + Angry Birds by Mikeleus The Birds by Andr3sB Angry Birds meet Spongebob by Olechka01
Problem, birds? by Mekki Angry sister by neonspider Angry Birds by yanski19
Angry Red Bird - MyPaint by VauxhaulAstra Angry Birds - Pencil Drawing by naspee
Bombird by NightmareHound Angry Birds by deArcane
Angry Birds by jotarun ANGRY BIRDS - Red by Red-Bunn3h Angry Birds red bird girl 2 by Neon-Juma angry Phineas and Ferb by Chedybear
Red Angry Bird fan art by leonalmasy Beat Up Pig by DECOR8Rgirl Angry Bird by RiverKpocc

Untoons (?)

The Angry Birds by averto The angry bird by averto angry birds by ijul


Angry Chelsea by AarontheMagician Angry Huge Bird by TheSharkGuy
angry birds evolution by berkozturk Mighty Eagle by The-Bambookazee Angry Birds by The-Bambookazee


Angry Birds in Space by CyberSpawn2100 Angry Birds by 16eN Angry Birds in 3D by StudioFishFilet Angry Birds by Pixelgeezer

Desktop Wallpapers

Angry Birds Wallpaper Pack-Red by XaraaKay AngryBirds Wallpaper Pack-Blue by XaraaKay
AngryBirds WallpaperPack-BLACK by XaraaKay AngryBirds WallpaperPack-WHITE by XaraaKay AngryBird WallpaperPack-YELLOW by XaraaKay
The last pig by nirufe :thumb190248681: Onwards, upwards by nirufe

iPhone Wallpapers

:thumb205049544: :thumb192307944:  Angry Birds iPhone by Dseo


Angry Birds Canvas by Ooasis Angry Birds Seasons painting by Coolhand-Locke Angry Birds by tombraidervcroft
Angry Birds Piggies by evAngelic-trAnce FUCK THAT PIG by Insanemoe Angry birds by FairytalesArtist
Angry Birds by Elfigos Angry Birds black bird girl by Neon-Juma


Crazy or evil by MixedMilkChOcOlate Free Angry Blue Bird icon by SomeDumbDeviant Angry Birds Avatar - Red by Synfull Icons Angrybirds by esneiderbarca Angry Birds Avatar - Pig by Synfull Free Angry Red Bird icon by SomeDumbDeviant Crazy or evil by MixedMilkChOcOlate
Angry Birds Red Button by vyndo Angry Birds Green button by vyndo Angry Birds Blue Button by vyndo Angry Birds white button by vyndo Angry Birds Yellow Button by vyndo
Angry Birds Black button by vyndo Angry Birds Big Bro button by vyndo Angry Birds pig button by vyndo Angry Birds helmed pig button by vyndo AngryBirds Mustache pig button by vyndo
AngryBirds Pig Adium Icon by pfuispinne AngryBirds RedBird Adium Icon by pfuispinne


Angry Birds Fondant Figures by atrotter719 Angry Birds by reddishrocker Angry Birds Cookies by atrotter719
Angry birds-cake by the-cat-eared-one Angry Birds Cake by greensprout Angry Birds Cupcakes by Sliceofcake
Angry birds truffles 1 by anafuji

Plushies & Dolls

Pig Angry Birds Plush Pattern by brunodarkdevil Needle Felted King Pig by Jadest Angry Birds Pig Plush by Eliaru Handmade Angry Birds Piggy by thislittlechicken
Angry Birds Pig Plush by rainbowdreamfactory Angry Birds Plush by rainbowdreamfactory Angry Bird 2 by dymphnawolf
Needle Felted Red Angry Bird by Jadest :thumb205139473: An Angry Bird by Sini-M
Ami : Angry Birds Set 6 by kinkaku White Angry Bird by Jadest angry birds attack by handfree Uh Oh by PandaRabbitPlanet
Angry Birds Plush Patterns by brunodarkdevil Angry Birds set by REMylius :thumb208933479:
Felt - Angry Birds by kinkaku angry birds continued 1 by IrisAngela


Paper Angry Bird Red - v1 - 2 by fred-zveiter Angry Bird's Pig - v1 - 1 by fred-zveiter  3d origami angry birds by yaelts


Angry Birds necklace5 by LRK-Creations Angry Birds Charms by Wings-On-Fire Blue Angry Bird Earrings by Menouthys
Charms: Angry Birds + Pigs by okapirose Angry Birds earrings by Akarami Angry Bird Piggies by KatGore
Angry bird earrings by knil-maloon Yellow Angry Birds by Menouthys Angry Birds by pirateluv
Angry Birds Drama by Gimmeswords Angry birds charm by evilium Angry Birds keychain by Leemeeri
Angry Bird Charm by DragonsDust

Nail Art

angry birds fake nails 2 by Ninails gamers nails by Ninails
angry birds nails 2 by Ninails angry birds nails by Ninails Angry Birds Nailart by AshleyValentine


Angry Peeps by juliepat Angry Birds Plush Playset by Skylanth Angry Birds Munny by Daeo

Minecraft (?)

Angry Birds: Red Bird by AwesomenessDark

Ceramics, Pottery, Clay

Ceramic angry birds by SailorRaybloomDZ  Angry birds by Pandannabelle Really Angry Birds by EatToast Red Bird - Angry Birds by agataylor


:thumb208050813: Angry Birds Nike Dunks by kaycunana
Angry Birds Beanie by rainbowdreamfactory Red Angry bird Fleece Hat by PandaRabbitPlanet Upcoming Angry birds gear by PandaRabbitPlanet Angry birds by Athena1chan
:thumb206290017:  :thumb211753801:

Special thanks to the Angry Birds groups on deviantART for providing a great
collection of Angry Birds artwork that was a helpful resource in curating these pieces.

:iconthe-angry-birds: :iconangrybirdsfans:
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Donmatus Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
bradsmith20 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for featuring featuring my work! I had no idea the creator of that art for angry birds was on deviant art! Way cool! Again thanks a lot!
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YAY! My photo made it here!! This is so freakin' cool. :D ( [link] ) this one, under "...lolwut?"
THANKS SO MUCH!! :D *dances*
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It seems to be more popular out there than here in Finland. Great works, by the way!
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You can download it free as an app on Google Chrome! :eager:
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Gotta love Angry Birds! =D
Also, you featured awesome artwork! =D I feel like faving them all! :XD:
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is very go0od work....[link]
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