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June 28, 2011


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In the RIFT Create a Colossus Contest, we asked you to design the biggest and baddest boss you could imagine. We've seen some of the creepiest, strangest, and most horrific monsters imaginable, and we love them!

The judges have narrowed down the entries to 25 semi-finalists. From these 25, the final three winners will be selected by Trion's creative team!

Once judging is completed and the final three winners are announced, all 25 semi-finalists will receive a copy of RIFT and a 3 month Premium Membership to deviantART. The three winners will be receiving cash, Wacom tablets, and other prizes.

Read Contest Article Read Official Rules Browse All The Entries

Giant Khagang by clapano :thumb210038457: Death Colossus - Maggot Queen by LDN-RDNT
RIFT Colossus: Air by algenpfleger King Crab Water Colossus by cesarsampedro RIFT: Water Colossus by FerdinandLadera RIFT Death Colossus by JasperSandner
RIFT Colossus Contest: Plane of Water Colossus by AlbertoCarrera Sandstorm Colossus -Earth by WesTalbott Flesh corruptor-Death Colossus by jamespuga
Kalatraxis by Kaliope1 Death Colossus by AlexBoca Life Colussus by timterrenal
fire lava Colossus by neisbeis Resin Life Colossus by SaiyaGina Touch of death by TheRafa BRAINNNN by Titanbolzen
Burning Lord by MironishiN Earth Colossal by drak Life Colossus by lpeters
The Magister by shuzong The Arana by artanis-one Water Colossus by Farkwhad
Earth Colossus by yigitkoroglu Earth Colossus by chasestone

Please note: If during the finalist judging, any one of the semi-finalists becomes ineligible or is disqualified under the Official Rules, the semi-finalist judges will replace the disqualified entry with a new selection to be considered by the final judges.
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bullshark45 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012
yeah these arn't the best choices,i mean 6th down on the left is someone taking deathwing form wow and turning him in a turtle
Xcaliber96 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2011
It seems to me that anyone complaining about this contest are just shitty because their entry didn't get chosen
zeembaeh Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
wowowow amazing.. i like it!
desgraci Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
i like 2 or three from here, Touch of Death, Air, The Magister, and Death Colossus, (lol was 4) but i'm also kind of dissapointed, i saw great designs that were a lot better than some of these, at least in idea, don't want to think that it was more worthy the finished details, than the colossus originality or the idea behind it.

Anyway, congratulations to the winners. Well Done, and also great contest !!!
spn-arts Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
great entries... but sadly it turned out to be another popularity contest in the end, the dA staff were probably too lazy to browse through the thousands of entries and just picked form the first 5 pages of the overall most popular entries, thus giving the "not so knows" dA artists an unfair chance and the "already popular" dA artists more fame and of course better stuff to use to make their art. so in the end, it all came down to who had more watchers than the actual concept :(
Xcaliber96 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2011
Don't go and complain about how the judges do their work. Your theory doesn't make sense because you've made the assumption that all the well established artist were on the first few pages, which is incorrect, just because an entry is 'popular' doesn't mean that it's from an established artist, it just happens to be, that better, more estblished artists produce better work
spn-arts Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
whatever :) this is past news anyway. plus 2 of the 3 winners were actually my top pics so... not complaining anymore.
Xcaliber96 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011
ok soz lol
Seerthlapthdapthoy Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
And another thing. Your fatty glutton has been done to death in many other games. It's cliche. It's just a fat humanoid with blood stains. It also doesn't look particularly "colossal". It could be 6 ft tall or 600 ft tall. Likewise your evil demon with ram's horns is a tired cliche that dates back to the middle ages. I think lack of originality in your concepts is what did you in rather than some nasty politics or incompetent judges. I'd say the judges made the right call in your case. Just my opinion mind you.
spn-arts Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
i wasn't talking about my submissions not being chosen, i've seen some pretty cool concepts by other people, in the contest. i've played a ton of games, not to mention most of the top mmo's and i know exactly what would look cool to battle against (again, i'm not referring to my submissions). there were some of the top 25 that i totally liked, but i'm just saying that what's the use of joining a contest if what you've worked for very hard wasn't even judged?

oh and btw, making an account today, just to reply to my post, isn't very cool.
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