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Submitted on
February 3, 2012
Submitted with Writer


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In this update, you'll find all the feedback from our last Site Update gathered into the Your Feedback section below, just after the Change Log, which will tell you about some brand new updates we just launched, as well as all the bugs fixed since the last update.

Change Log


Comment Counts Under Thumbs (Beta Testers Only)
We just released a new feature to Beta Testers that adds more context to the experience of viewing artwork on deviantART.  You'll now find comment counts underneath the thumbnails of deviations -- they can be seen when browsing or searching art, and also display in your Message Center.  We hope this feature will help bring to light the fact that there is a whole world of activity that takes place behind thumbnails.  In some cases, when a thumbnail displays many comments, it can be a trigger to join the discussion.  While in other cases, if a deviation is in need of comments, it can be a call to action for a viewer to provide feedback or encouragement.

Premium Members, if you'd like to test this exciting new feature, you can enable Beta Testing in your Settings.

Comment Counts on Thumbs by danlev

Artist Type and Specialty in Profile Headers
Your artist type and speciality now displays on the header of your profile. You can choose your type and speciality using the new deviantID widget.

If you haven't upgraded to the new deviantID, you may want to do so now. To upgrade, be sure that the deviantID Widget is installed on your profile, and then click the "Edit" button. At the top of this Widget, you'll see an "Upgrade to the new deviantID" button.

Screen shot 2012-02-02 at 11.39.01 AM by danlev

Watcher Count in "Statistics" Dropdown
The number of watchers a member has can now be found in the statistics dropdown on all profiles. Previously, this number was hidden on the "More Stats" page.

Statistics Screenshot by danlev

:bug: Bug Fixes
    • Fix a long standing bug that caused deviation pages to briefly jump around when loaded. - Fixed by $kemayo
    • When you pin deviantART using Windows 7, deviantART's icon will now appear smoother. - Added by $inazar
    • Clarified text on the "Submit to Group" feature on deviation pages to properly reflect the criteria at which groups are listed in that box. - Fixed by #ArtBIT
    • Resolved another bug where it was possible to squeeze in two very fast llamas into one badge spot. - Fixed by $helloandre
    • Fixed a bug where if your deviantID was set to only be visible for logged in members (we call this the "anti-social" setting), it would still display on your profile. - Fixed by $helloandre
    • Fixed a layout bug in the Message Center that caused horizontal scrollbars. - Fixed by $lendrick
    • Fixed a bug that disabled the "previous" button on mobile site. - Fixed by $lendrick
    • Fixed some issues that caused members' shops to load slowly if they have a lot of prints for sale. - Fixed by $randomduck
    • Fixed several errors that could occur during read-only mode. - Fixed by $sgrahamUK
    • Eliminated an unnecessary margin that was applied to journal deviations. - Fixed by $kemayo
    • Fixed an overlapping text display issue on film creator comments. - Fixed by $helloandre
    • In the Message Center, the sorting of Hot Topic messages has been adjusted so that they will always be sorted chronologically. - Fixed by #ArtBIT
    • Fixed layout issues on Premium Membership gifting page. - Fixed by $knightar
    • Minor fix to username links on the llama trading page. - Fixed by $helloandre

    Stack Descriptions (Beta Testers Only)
    In, you now have the ability to add descriptions to stacks. Write some notes for yourself or write an introductory description before you share a stack with your friends.

    Screen shot 2012-02-02 at 12.09.49 PM by danlev

    :bug: Bug Fixes
    • Improved shadow display on thumbs. - Fixed by $aMoniker
    • Improved consistency of the behavior when clicking the logo. - Fixed by $aMoniker
    • Increased the speed at which stacks display when the page loads. - Fixed by $kouiskas
    • Thumbs no longer experience display issues when canceling an upload. - Fixed by $kouiskas
    • Thumbs on comments in the Message Center now link to the correct URL. - Fixed by $kouiskas
    • Shadows are no longer missing when merging two transparent images into a stack. - Fixed by $kouiskas
    • When hovering over a thumb, the label on a multi-item selection now displays the correct amount of selected items. - Fixed by $kouiskas
    • Control buttons no longer reappear incorrectly when hovering over the image during a deletion confirmation. - Fixed by $kouiskas
    • Clicking "cancel" after clicking "delete" on an item no longer breaks button display. - Fixed by $kouiskas
    • When canceling a stack upload, the displayed thumb now correctly reverts back to the last finished upload. - Fixed by $kouiskas
    • "Cancel" and "edit" buttons on a multi-item selection are no longer too wide. - Fixed by $kouiskas
    • Fixed a bug that made thumbs of videos completely black. - Fixed by $kouiskas
    • Dragging multiple items now correctly makes the dragged graphic look like a stack of items. - Fixed by $kouiskas
    • Removed an unwanted inner shadow inside the deviation comment box. - Fixed by $kouiskas
    • Converted the "delete" red button graphic into a CSS gradient for faster display. - Fixed by $kouiskas Writer

    :bulletblue: What's New
    • Writer deviations can now be submitted to the Tutorials category. - Added by $kemayo
    :bug: Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where clicking somewhere outside the writing area and then adding an image would add the image to the bottom of the document instead of the last place you were typing. - Fixed by $Alisey
    • Writer was deleting items it edited when they consisted solely of an empty entry and a skin. - Fixed by $inazar
    • Journals submitted through Writer were being ordered according to their original creation date in, not their submission date. - Fixed by $kemayo
    • In Writer, the sidebar wasn't letting you browse past the first 120 images in a stack. - Fixed by $kemayo
    • Stacks in the sidebar no longer display incorrectly. - Fixed by $Alisey
    • The "&" character no longer becomes "&" in Writer titles. - Fixed by $inazar
    • Fixed some issues with the way Internet Explorer handles Writer's "undo" button. - Fixed by $Alisey

    Your Feedback

    • We've received scattered reports that the "Friends" dropdown is showing up blank for some members. Is this happening to you? Let us know. - From ~tinkerheck and others
    • Writer deviations -- including journals -- do not show up on deviantART's mobile interface. We are working on implementing a fix that will open these deviations in the desktop interface rather than the mobile interface. - From ~vidthekid and others
    • In Writer, when you click "continue" before it has a chance to autosave, sometimes the last few changes of your document will not be saved. We'll look into it!
    • Some members were frustrated and confused with the listing of groups on the "Submit to Group" pop-up on deviation pages. Currently, it lists out groups you've frequently submitted to (regardless of if you're still in the group) and groups you're an admin of, but some people suggested that it should just be a straightforward list of groups you're a member or admin of. - From `apocathary, ~Kracov, *Blooper-Love, ~velka, and others
    • A couple members requested the ability to browse Journals in your Message Center using keyboard shortcuts like you can with deviation messages, browse, and search results. - From *xPastxChaserx and others
    :lightbulb:  Discuss These Ideas!

    Here are some more ideas that were brought up in the last Site Update. Let's hear your thoughts!
    • A comment rating system, which would allow the most supported comments to surface to the top and the least helpful comments -- including spam and harassment -- to be pushed down. This might be especially useful for discussions on news articles, journals, and forums to surface the most favored ideas or well thought out comments. Like the "Newest" and "Oldest" comment sorting modes, you'd be able to switch your default to a mode to sort comments by rating. - From ~CATSr2 and =gilll
    • Message Center Improvements. Some members would like the ability to filter their messages, including; filter deviations by category, filter all messages by Friends List, etc. Some members brought up concerns with group messages, especially with the upgrade of Journals. What are your thoughts? How could the Message Center experience be better for you? - From `apocathary, ~djgaijin, *GuardianMobius, ~iBurrito, ~hikashu, ~Hione, =Meibatsu, *Noranu-chan, ~DarkSpiritWolf97, and =Loza-Muse
    • Email notifications for Messages and Notes. Some members requested to have the option of receiving email notifications for Messages and Notes. What types of messages would you like to be notified of? - From ~DJDavidhu and ~bettams

    Last Week's Ideas

    In the previous Site Update, we received some very helpful feedback about the ideas presented.
    • Some members liked the safety of external links, but most people didn't like that they were brought to an intermediary page when leaving deviantART.
    • The ability to add thumbnail images in comments seemed to be mostly favored, but many people emphasized concerns with spamming, which is definitely a serious concern.
    • The overall response to the "Featured Artist" widget was positive, and we're interested in exploring more ideas of community curation. With Writer, we've seen people curating some stunning art features, like =dragonfly-oli's Best of January 2012, and the response to those journals have been great!

    Add a Comment:
    AlphaPower Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012   General Artist
    BojanPapic Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
    Comment rating system (like youtube :B) :star:
    List of all the groups that you a member in, in the "submit to a group" menu :star:
    conradbrean Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012   Digital Artist
    I've said it elsewhere, many people use their devart as a portfolio, so the comment count should really be only optional..
    Aiko-Hirocho Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2012  Student General Artist
    Good to know that DA is trying to improve ^^
    I might have a suggestion, how abou transfer works with dates and all to one account to the other? ^^;
    Akongily Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012
    btwist1 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2012
    Ibra93 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
    Good Idea! I agree that the artist should be able to control this!
    Christinezhao Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
    Looks great!
    Solarune Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2012   Writer
    I love the comment counts on thumbs, it's awesome. :la:

    I'd love to have the option of email notification – especially for notes, but for other things as well. It would also be fantastic if you could reply to notes by email! Sometimes my internet is slow or I have a low allowance, so I don't want to come on dA all the time, and this would be a great way to stay in touch with everything. :) Email is always what I check first and I suspect it is for many other people too so if there are things you want to keep up with on dA (like a group or someone who is noting you) it would be wonderful to have that option!

    I apologise if this has already been suggested, but would it be possible to separate news/journal and art favourites somehow, like they used to be? I love that you can now favourite journals, but I don't so much like that news and journals come up in my random favourites widget on my profile page – I'd love to be able to separate art favourites and have another section for news/journal favs. Like, I made a folder for favourite news/journals, but that doesn't prevent them from getting mixed up with the favourites in my main favs folder. :hmm:

    Also, the Friends list sometimes shows up blank for me, but I don't know if it's because it takes a while to load? Sometimes I leave it for a while and it shows up, but the problem is that if I click on another window or out of the application while it's blank/loading it goes away – so I don't always hang around that long.

    Just some thoughts, anyway. :) Thank you for all your hard work!
    harrym0nster Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012
    hey im kind of stuck here i cant go forward in the newest section its its just stuck in the last week of time i dont have clue what to do can any one help a man stuck in time here cuse im totely lost
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