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January 20, 2012
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Site Update: January 20, 2012

Fri Jan 20, 2012, 2:54 PM

Last week, we posted the first site update of 2012, which brought in over 2,500 comments. In this update, you'll find all the feedback from those comments gathered into the Your Feedback section below, just after the Change Log, which will tell you about some brand new updates we just launched, as well as all the bugs fixed since the last update.

Trophy  Last week's most popular update: You can now put exclamation marks in deviation titles! - Added by $allixsenos 

Change Log


:bulletblue: What's New
  • "My Tagline" is no longer a required item when filling out your profile. - Added by $Nodren
  • Implemented support for "Free Premium Memberships Day." - Added by $Nodren
  • Added the ability to publish winners of the Design Battle T-Shirts contest as "for sale" in the deviantWEAR shop. - Added by #ArtBIT
  • Added a link to deviantART's Google+ Page on the footer. - Added by $helloandre
:bug: Bug Fixes
  • Group avatars now display correctly in the "journal portal" section of the footer. - Fixed by #ArtBIT
  • Llamas for everyone! An error has been resolved that caused the llama trade page to display completely blank for deviants who have not yet received a llama. - Fixed by $knightar
  • Journals are no longer restricted to a minimum width on the deviation page - Fixed by $kemayo
  • Fixed the command+enter keyboard shortcut on Macs in the "Send as Note" box on deviation pages. - Fixed by $helloandre
  • News article previews are now stripped of ugly HTML tags that sometimes displayed in the Message Center. - Fixed by $kemayo
  • The "Journal Comments" section on activity pages has been removed since journal comments are now displayed under the main "Comments" section. - Fixed by $samshull
  • Fixed the positioning of the "Remove Deviation From Group" button on deviation pages. The button was sometimes escaping its box! - Fixed by $samshull
  • Fixed a very rare journal migration failure which duplicated a single journal into several deviations. - Fixed by $sgrahamUK
  • Fixed a very short-lived issue with renaming collections. - Fixed by $Nodren
  • A very small number of deviants who were unable to delete an empty collections can now delete them. - Fixed by $Nodren
  • The "Discover" menu item used to be completely stuck on the "stick menu" and can now be removed. - Fixed by $knightar
  • A text mis-alignment was causing long lists of deviants to overlap in the "recipients" field of the "send note" form. - Fixed by $kemayo

:bulletblue: What's New
  • On your, stacks and stashed items now have a completely new button layout - it's now much easier to get to Submit, Delete, Move; and you can now rename any item by clicking on its name. - Added by $adahacker
:bug: Bug Fixes
  • Fixed "previous" and "next" keyboard navigation while viewing items in - Fixed by $aMoniker
  • If you try to give the same name to two stacks, the error message is now a bit more user-friendly. - Fixed by $aMoniker
  • Fixed drag-to-select that was broken after switching to a different page. - Fixed by $kouiskas
  • Fixed multiple with renaming items in, including errors while using apostrophes and double quotes, as well as an error that wouldn't allow deviants to click items after renaming a stack from within the stack's page. - Fixed by $kouiskas
  • Improved auto-saving on while making changes to an item. - Fixed by $kouiskas
  • In Chrome, we were forced to disable instant thumbnail generation when uploading a large file because of a bug in Chrome. - Fixed by $kouiskas
  • Fixed some visual issues with stacks, including shadows and thumbnail display. - Fixed by $kouiskas, $aMoniker Writer

:bulletblue: What's New
  • Journals now always clickable Title links, even when they're not in groups - Added by $kemayo
  • Advanced Journal Skin makers can now use + > ~ [attr] :not() in their CSS skins! - Added by $loopstart
:bug: Bug Fixes
  • The "Journal History" module was displaying dates as 1970 when in the "browse" view on the Journal tab. - Fixed by $kemayo
  • The "This edit is minor" checkbox, for controlling whether an edit is sent out to all your watchers, sometimes doesn't appear when editing a Writer deviation. - Fixed by $inazar
  • Some category pickers allowed deviants to submit to protected categories, including the "deviantART Inc" category. - Fixed by $kemayo
  • After submitting a deviation through Writer, pressing the "back" button no longer causes weird behavior. - Fixed by $Alisey
  • You can no longer remove the category from a published deviation. - Fixed by $kemayo
  • Restored the ability to submit a journal entry to a group through the inline editor after it had already been published. - Fixed by $kemayo
  • In Writer, "journal extras" was showing up even when no skin is selected. This has been removed. - Fixed by $inazar
  • It is no longer possible to accidentally select text outside of the Writer editing area. - Fixed by $kemayo
  • Some old journals were able to break outside of their boxes on the journal tab. - Fixed by $Alisey
  • Fixed an old issue that "Reject" votes on news articles counted as favourites. - Fixed by $sgrahamUK
  • Fixed uploading files by dragging them onto the Writer sidebar in Firefox. - Fixed by $Alisey
  • A rather amusing bug was causing Ctrl-Z to undo and then immediately redo in Writer, making undo seem broken! - Fixed by $Alisey
Your Feedback

:bulletblue: Requests
  • Add the Google +1 button and the Facebook Like button to deviation pages. - From =Mary-Jane-Stokely and ~StancyMcKatt
  • After we added the ability to have "!" characters in deviation titles, some deviants requested other characters (such as & ? * " @ ' [] () ...). - From *PinkLace *chriseastmids *ninjatron ~Alisbet, and others
  • On Journal deviation pages, add the "Remove from Messages" option that appears on art deviations. - From ~PerfectDerealization
:bug: Known Issues
  • When editing a journal, there is a bug that sometimes reverts the category to "Personal". We will look into the cause of this bug. - From =Loona-Cry
  • When writing a comment, pressing the "tab" key — which normally selects the "Preview" button — scrolls the browser scrolls to the top of the page. We looked into this issue and it appears to only be happening on comment replies. We will identify the cause. - From =fyuvix
  • When writing a really long comment, the "preview" button does not work. We have identified the issue causing this and will be looking into a fix. - From *AspiredWriter
  • If your mouse's middle button is set to open links in new tabs, it does not work properly in the Message Center. We're looking into this issue. - From *AspiredWriter
  • When adding a lot of deviations to Writer, the images sometimes disappear once you save the post. We're looking into it.
  • When copy and pasting text from Microsoft Word into Writer, some HTML tags are not stripped and will display with the text. - From ~KettouRyuujin
  • It is not possible to submit journals to groups without submitting to your personal journal.
Carried Over From Last Week
  • Not everybody wants to put huge images in their journals when using Writer. You should be able to choose the default size for all added images. - From *Lionsong, ~NovemberWishes, and more
  • Writer's Auto-Save should not be affecting already-submitted deviations - it should be auto-saving your changes to your Drafts! We'll be fixing this so that your edits don't accidentally leak out early. - From =violetstory
  • It is not possible to set a preview image for literature made via Writer. - From =JazZeke, *JamieMDavies, and many more
  • Writer should have additional formatting options, including bullet points, margins - everything you would expect from a desktop word processor. - From *JamieMDavies, ~KettouRyuujin, and more!
  • Right now, even if you have a full of files, you can't access any of them from the main Submit page, or from the Print Submission page. This is something we're working on correcting. - From *sleepyowlet
  • Right now, thumbnails can't be used on deviantART - partially because it would mean 'bigger plz icons' in a lot of places, and partially because is meant to be that little bit separate. It's been suggested that we could allow the thumbs, but always put a "" overlay on them to mark them clearly. This is a cool idea that we'll definitely give more thought to! - From =HMFS
  • Simple: In Writer, the Tab Key should indent! - From ~Remy1716
  • Some are requesting that work on their mobile phones too - it's something we're definitely going to look at a little further down the road. But, as with everything, keep the requests keep coming in if it's something you want to see! - From ~AdolftheWolf, ~narutokunobessed, and more
  • Instead of having its own file-saving system, deviantART muro should just save to And so it will! - From ~josehedgehog
  • YouTube embeds aren't working too well if you paste the embed code that their site gives you! We're going to fix this up, but in the meantime try the "Add Link" menu at the top to insert a youtube embed! - From =daigonite
  • The "Change Size" & "Move" buttons sometimes don't show up on images added to a Writer document. Still trying to figure out what's causing it! - From =katara-alchemist, =FullMetalMono, and more
  • Stray "closing tags" can end up appearing in Writer posts when experimenting with HTML. We're working on it! - From ~0567tlz 

:lightbulb:  Discuss These Ideas!

Here are some ideas that were brought up in the last site update that require a bit more discussion, planning, and debate. We want to hear your thoughts!
  • Multi-deviation publishing. Many deviants requested features that made it easier to publish multiple deviations. Some of these suggestions included the ability to schedule deviations, easier multi-deviation uploading, and the ability for to remember the settings you used last (for example: licenses, enabling or disabling comments and critiques, etc.). - From ~WindBlade-Zero, *StrangeOrangeFish=tkay, ~Eravee, and many more: including this awesome drawn request from ~iastudio - [link]
  • Editing and deleting comments. Some deviants would like the ability to delete comments. Some would like to edit comments to fix typos, formatting errors, or to clarify the comment. We're looking into offering a "Undo Send" button (similar to what Gmail offers). But, the notion of comment deletion treads on an old tradition of deviantART: its history. If you have made a comment, it's out there for the world to see. If you're in a forum discussion, and you start a subthread, you're not allowed to go back and delete the comment that started it all. It would leave a gap in an otherwise complete picture. It can be damaging to the community when you have the ability to say something and then later change what you've said, especially after people have replied. - From ~catanddogs ~FHjake, =Frankief, *PinkLace, ~black-cat16-stamps, ~Tai-shan, =Gex78, ~Masterluigi452, =ObakeDreams, =Wolfiegirl3005, =YourNumbr1Fan, *AilynnStarlight, *akibara, =Tophthetomboy, ~BetweenTheTeardrops, and others
  • Username changes. This has been an ongoing request from the community. There are major technical challenges around this feature, but we'd like to find a way to offer it. We'd like to hear more from you. Why do you want to change your username? What should happen to your old username? What should happen to your history on deviantART? Should old comments display your old or new username? - From *ziopork, ~mimi1708, ~Hayhayluvpokemon, ~CanyonFox, =PainterSai, =Kami-Hoshi, ~mayeru, *PrincessFirestix, ~WolfxOfxSilver, =Nawyat, =AM-WorldHero, =TheLeopordDiva, ~wolfboyomega, ~luvXallXthingsXanime, ~CloverFieldIsPownage, and others
  • "Report Deviant" buttons on profiles. - From *SukkaandKataang, ~BobaTeaAddict, and others
  • Search through notes and conversation view. Some deviants would like the ability to search through their own notes. Some requested the ability to view all notes between you and another deviant. - From `rydi1689, ^kasumichan2003, `ClefairyKid, *SenshiStock, and others
  • Search through favourites. Some deviants would like the ability to search through their own favourites. - From *lady-cybercat, ~IcyPheonix, ~sonicthemeatball, *Waffles-time, =Tophthetomboy and others
  • International characters in deviation titles. - From =fan4battle, ~SeddieThunder ~Orima-Kazooie and others
  • Gallery folders within gallery folders. - From ~Chemicide, *drawitout, *Yubinada, ~IIIXII, and others
  • Deviation series. Some artists would like the ability to easily create a deviation series (for comic book pages, a photoshoot series, literature chapters, etc.). - From =Mysticbynd and others
  • Mobile support improvements. Do you prefer the mobile interface, or do you disable it when you use your phone? Do you use deviantART on a tablet? What are the main problems and benefits you encounter?
  • Preserving color profiles in deviations. deviantART has always removed color profile information from files - mostly because we remove nearly ALL meta data - partially for cleanup, for privacy, for virus cleaning - for a million reasons. There are a lot of technical challenges around offering this. Should this apply to all submissions? Just Portfolio submissions? How important is this issue? From *arth1
  • Writer-style editing in comments. Not everyone knows HTML. Some people would like to see a Writer-style editor in comments, which would allow you to easily format a comment without typing in codes.

Last week, we posted the first site update of 2012, which brought in over 2,500 comments. In this update, you'll find all the feedback from those comments gathered into the Your Feedback section below, just after the Change Log, which will tell you about some brand new updates we just launched, as well as all the bugs fixed since the last update.
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CrazyFandomSlut Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013  Student General Artist
Yo DA!! I can't search things with out there being an issue. Also while using this site on Google Chrome, DA seems to eat words. I'm getting tired of having to refresh the page and quickly reading what is missing. This only happens on DA using Google Chrome and its hella annoying. Please how to get this to them?
MAGANNEAL Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
AngelTheHedgehog51 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Question; has the whole "Folders within folders" thing been decided on? If so how does it work? I'm also curious if it works with favorites, I'd find that quite handy if it did. (Please excuse what might have been a dumb question.)
LieaTheElf Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i keep trying to add a signature and it keeps saying that my changes were save successfully but every time i type a comment it doesn't appear. so if you could please fix that bug i'd really appreciate it.
Neko1Inu2Kitsune3 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Um, I don't know if this is a bug or just my outdated IE, but when I try to take a picture out of a group and I've submitted the picture with, I can't do it from the edit page on the deviation. I kind of found a way around it, but I just thought I'd let you know ^^
AlphaPower Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012   General Artist
Lionesses101 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
I'm just going to write the comment for this site update journal...
I've got a problem. I went to my favourites and clicked an arrow beside the picture that I selected. I wanted to move a picture to the folder and then it said that I have no folders! Can you fix the problem please?
Lionesses101 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
*a folder
Ncj700 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:bulletblack:Multi-deviation publishing. I think this is a good idea for people who upload very regularly.

:bulletblack:Editing and deleting comments. I don't think that we should be allowed to delete comments after a certain time limit, but the 'undo comment' button is a very good idea. I've lost count of how many times I've made accidental typo's with emoticons or just general spelling and punctuation. It irritates me to no end that we can't fix our comments. Also, accidental non-closing of HTML brackets! We cant fix it, so we end up with a whole two paragraphs of italis-ised words when we only wanted one! AAAARRRRRGGGGGH!!! No! This is definitely needed!

:bulletblack:Username changes. A good idea. This will stop people having to make new accounts when they get tired of their username.

:bulletblack:"Report Deviant" buttons on profiles. A very good idea. The current process for this is way too fiddly for new users especially. I've wanted to report a couple of people, but either because of time or other factors, haven't able to do so because i could figure out how to do it. A button on the profile would be very useful.

:bulletblack:International characters in deviation titles I'm not a foreign language speaker but I can see how this would be useful for users who don't speak English. Restricting the characters in deviation titles in general is a bad idea in my opinion. It's too restrictive on what is and isn't allowed. Some punctuation marks can't be used, but they completely change the tone in the title of a piece, and the title is important to the viewers perception of a piece as a whole. I think it would simply be better to limit the number of characters in a deviation piece rather what characters can be used in it.

:bulletblack:Gallery folders within gallery folders. This is a fantastic idea, and it shouldn't be one limited to premium users either! I think this should also be extended to favourites too. I have a folder for fanfiction that, despite inclusion of numbering titles and chapter covers to differentiate stories, is a complete mess. It's also a pain having to cycle through a large number of favourite folders to find the one I'l looking for. As some of them are inter-related, having sub folders would be a huge improvement. I'd also like to recommend a new ordering system to galleries alphabetical and numerical values would be good options to have.

:bulletblack:Mobile support improvements. The mobile interface could use a few improvements. It's been a while since I last used it, so it might have changed now, but the number of visible deviation in the messaged or home section is simply too small on the iPad. A lot more could be fitted in on iPads and tablets. I don't think it matters so much for phones, but on larger devices it could use improving.

:bulletblack:Writer-style editing in comments.This would be extremley useful. I think it should be applied to thing like uploading fiction and the artist comment box too. I lucky enough to know basic HTML, but it took forever to learn it, and typing it in takes a while. Especially for uploading text from a file, and that's only for things like bolt and italics and strike-thought text. I think it would help alot of people, not just those who don't know HTM codes

I don't know if it has been addressed or not, but i would like to be able to upload images and text into the same file in stash, much like you can give uploaded text a cover in the normal deviation upload page.

matheusjose195 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
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