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January 27, 2012
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Site Update: January 27, 2012

Fri Jan 27, 2012, 5:44 PM

In this update, you'll find all the feedback from our last site update gathered into the Your Feedback section below, just after the Change Log, which will tell you about some brand new updates we just launched, as well as all the bugs fixed since the last update.

Change Log


:bulletblue: What's New
    • You can now share journals in chat by using :thumb: codes. - Added by $knightar
    • Some changes were made to deviantART's algorithm for Popular browse results (known as "Fair Exposure"). Details about Fair Exposure have been explained in this #hq blog post
    :bug: Bug Fixes
      • Fixed a bug in chat that caused horizontal scrollbars. - Fixed by $knightar
      • Improved the layout and appearance of our "Order Shipped" emails. - Fixed by $knightar
      • Improved the validation of the character length of deviation descriptions. - Fixed by $helloandre
      • Chased ghost feedback message that has been haunting some users and unveiled it. The message turned out to be a "critique accepted" one in feedback section. - Fixed by randomduck
      • Removed invalid payment methods from Premium Membership checkout page. - Fixed by $knightar
      • Restored an accidentally-removed box on the Premium Membership page. - Fixed by #ArtBIT
      • Fixed a display bug with the "Friends" and "Favourites" menu when deviantART Muro comments drawings are loaded. - Fixed by $allixsenos
      • Removed a barely visible white line from the default journal skin. We had to take out a magnifying glass to confirm that it was there. - Fixed by $Alisey
      • Fixed a header display issue on one of the Shop pages. - Fixed by $helloandre
      • On Groups, the pencil buttons now use the non-clashing semi-transparent style on all widgets. - Fixed by $allixsenos 
      • Fixed some issues that made Writer appear as if the document was empty even when you've added art to the document. - Fixed by $inazar
      • Reinstated the "Report Deviation" button on literature deviations submitted via Writer. - Fixed by $samshull

      :bulletblue: What's New
        • You can now access old comments after you publish a deviation. To do this, visit a deviation that you've published using and select " Comments" from the dropdown located above the comments section of the deviation. - Added by $kouiskas
        :bug: Bug Fixes
          • Improved the error display when logging out on another browser during a stack upload. - Fixed by $kouiskas

          :bulletblue: What's New
            • Pasted embed codes from other sites now get turned into our own accepted markup (e.g. YouTube's provided code now works). - Added by $inazar
            • For consistency and accessibility, titles of journal will always be links. Some journal skins will be affected by this change. Skin designers: you may have to adjust your CSS to override any unexpected changes to the title of your journal skin. - Added by $kemayo
            :bug: Bug Fixes
            • Journals on the deviation page no longer have a max width. - Fixed by $kemayo
            • The "Add Image" menu item no longer causes errors. - Fixed by $kemayo
            • The undo and redo shortcuts were triggering together, which cancelled each other out. Awkward. - Fixed by $Alisey
            • Opening the "Add" menu would save a draft containing solely an empty link. - Fixed by $Alisey
            • The classic journal submission page had two of the same error messages. - Fixed by $Alisey
            • The "continue" button no longer lies about saving when it's not. - Fixed by $inazar
            Your Feedback

            Suggestions, feedback and bug reports from our last site update.
            • Many people requested additional symbols being allowed in deviation titles. Hold tight, this is coming soon!
            • Collaborative deviations that would allow two people to be credited to one deviation. - From `Jules1983, ~dat-Fips, =KrazyHero, =fan4battle, ~GrabYourShovelAndDig, =jai-miyazaki, *Teq-Uila
            • A background shadow is still appearing on some transparent PNGs, causing some of them to look strange. Upon investigation, it appears to only be affecting smaller images. We're looking into this further. - From *Topachi, =Perrytheplatypus12, ~alphatroll, =PeekyChew, =wildrune11, `stuck-in-suburbia
            • When a Group affiliation request has been sent, the activity page for that request displays the date as December 30th, 1969. We are working on this issue. - From =virgino0owhore
            • As well as Favorites and Notes search, the ability to search Group galleries has been suggested as well. Before we can add some of these features, our search requires upgrading, but we are looking into all requests. – From `Crazysparkles06, *whitestarflower 
            • Some members were reporting some bugs when copy and pasting content from Microsoft Word. We're always trying to improve compatibility with other applications, but it's just a matter of fine tuning. If you have a Word document that is creating some errors, please send a note to $Dan14Lev if you are willing to share your document for bug testing. - From *Kneeling-Glory 
            • List Groups separately from friends lists, or have a "Groups" section on your friends list. Great suggestion. There should be an easier way to see all the Groups you're in. One option to fix this might be to put Groups at the bottom of the friends list. - From =Gex78, =Siegetank241, and others
            • On members' journal pages, collapse longer journals so you can browse more easily. Great idea! - From ~ThatBlueManiac
            • Bring back the ability to browse Favourites by category. - From ~Tai-shan
            • Automatically update your Message Center count on your navigation bar while browsing deviantART. - From *Knickolaus, ~cheydinhal=Tophthetomboy 
            • Add a "Remove from Message Center" button to Journal deviations like Art deviations have. - From =fan4battle ~Draghorn, *Immortalium, =BloodMoonEquinox, and others
            • When you submit a Journal with Writer, sometimes the Journal entry can be incorrectly ordered on your Journal page. We identified the cause of this and will have a fix released soon. - From *Cayca

            :lightbulb:  Discuss These Ideas!

            In the last site update, we asked for your feedback on several ideas brought up by the community. We were overwhelmed with the response! Changing usernames was by far the most popular request. Other popular requests were: gallery folders within gallery folders, a "report deviant" button, and the ability through search through your Favourites and Notes. Editing and deleting comments was a bit more controversial, but we gather some great feedback from the discussion.

            Here are some ideas that were brought up in the last site update that require a bit more discussion, planning, and debate. We want to hear your thoughts!
            • A "Featured Artist" widget. - From =katara-alchemist who provided a great mockup.
            • Adjust external links. Some people suggested having external links opening in new windows. It has also been suggested that the intermediary warning page be either removed or modified to function more smoothly.  From *RipperRoo-255, ~Rocketgirl97, ~Yojiro-sage
            • Thumbnail images in comments. Assuming there were limitations, would you like to be able to post thumbnail images of deviations in comments? Example usage might include: Your friend loves cats and you found a beautiful cat photo, so you post it as a comment on their profile; sharing art in forums around a topic; posting a journal asking for the best landscape paintings where people can reply with thumbnails in the comments. -From =Y-Phil, *ObscureFlower

            Add a Comment:
            AxelCat9 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012
            I really love ideas of
            A "Featured Artist" widget
            Thumbnail images in comments <3
            That would be awesome ^^
            AlphaPower Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012   General Artist
            RainbowIcePop Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
            I have a suggestion, how about the ability to upload "Private Deviations", which only your friends/selected people are allowed to have acess to see.
            (Becuase I don't feel comfortable about the whole world having acess to my dumb fanfics Dx LOL)
            100millionme Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2012
            thats aactually a good idea! But doeant sta.she provide that?
            ALTUNYUVA Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012  Professional Photographer
            I'm sorry, but I do not speak English. I followed with the Google Translate site.
            pica-ae Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
            I have a suggestion for writer :la:

            It would be sweet to have a button that enables the html view of what you just wrote. At the moment there is the work around of using ctrl+e, but most users don't know about it and a button would increase usability :)
            Most blogging sites offer that option, with wordpress and tumblr being the first that come to mind.

            It would be especially handy for users that make use of blockquotes, lists or links.

            Some feedback on the ctrl+e thing: at the moment it does only work when you have no skin selected. By implying a button, I'm hoping for a better function of that, working when using a skin as well :B
            danlev Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
            That feature is coming! :aww:
            pica-ae Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
            awesome :la:
            RvB-Caboose Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
            Just a suggestion, but something that would be nice (since I have a hard time submitting journal entries from my phone) would be an SMS feature to text in a journal entry so that you don't have to so through so much trouble with a journal entry. If this feature gets added, it would be much appreciated. Thank you. :D
            Slippery-Stan Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2012
            > Collaborative deviations that would allow two people to be credited to one deviation.

            I think this is a great idea, but why limit this to two credits? There are lots of examples of art created (or contributed to) by many people: comic art may have a penciller, an inker and a colourist; fashion photography will have a photographer and model, and often a makeup artist and/or clothes designer as well.
            Add a Comment: