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August 30, 2012
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Site Update: More Like This - Beta

Thu Aug 30, 2012, 6:54 PM

In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.

More Like This BETA

DeviantART is proud to announce two major improvements to the way you browse and discover artwork on the site. These feature are currently only available to Beta Testers. More Like This is deviantART’s newest content discovery tool – enabling you to find similar, relevant deviations, artists, and collections to a chosen deviation. In addition to More Like This, we've made a number of improvements to browsing on deviantART, including an updated navigation, a "full view" mode, and endless scrolling.

Try these new features by upgrading to a Premium Membership and becoming a Beta Tester.

Change Log

  • New APIs have been releasedAdded by $ZombieCoder
  • The "Notify me upon resolution" checkbox has been removed from the Report Deviation modal because we found that it promoted negativity within the community and led to harassment. Fixed by $DEVlANT
  • The Group "Edit Page" functionality was not functioning properly. Widget descriptions, icons and install buttons went missing. Fixed by $DEVlANT
  • Some icons on deviation pages were displaying out-of-date versions under some conditions. Fixed by $ZombieCoder
  • Group creation for small number of groups was delayed. Fixed by $DEVlANT
  • Deactivated and banned users could report through the moderation system. Fixed by $DEVlANT
  • The Twitter emoticon was updated. Fixed by $drommk
  • The View & Choose Badge link displayed over the Collections bar when opened on some profile pages. Fixed by $shadowhand
  • FAQ text on group creation pages was not properly formatted. Fixed by $DEVlANT
  • The "go to" button in notes was not functional. Fixed by $DEVlANT
  • There was an issue in Llama trade offer matching. Fixed by $drommk
  • Users could encounter errors while saving due to certain conditions. Fixed by $mudimba
  • "Watch Redraw" button did not show in under certain situations. Fixed by $Nodren
  • The maximum size of brushes has been made bigger. Fixed by $mudimba

  • The switcher allowing the owner of a published deviation to view comments that were left while it was in wasn't working. Fixed by $kouiskas
  • The submission agreement wouldn't display to new users in some contexts. Fixed by $samshull
  • Editing a deviation published from would break the site header. Fixed by $adahacker
  • Some editing options were broken. Fixed by $kouiskas
  • Some special characters, such as German umlauts, wouldn't be displayed properly in comments. Fixed by $kouiskas Writer

  • Writer immediately saved your entry when you opened it for editing. Fixed by $Alisey
  • Double spacing after a URL in journals would eat whatever word followed. Fixed by $Alisey
  • Rapidly clicking thumbs/emoticons from the sidebar caused crazy over-autosaving. Fixed by $Alisey
  • Selecting heading size and then typing did not work. Fixed by $Alisey
  • The embedded stash in sidebar was sometimes stealing keyboard events. Fixed by $inazar
  • There was a weird weird fade in and fade out for the "loading..." button in the sidebar. Fixed by $inazar

Your Feedback

New Thumbnails

Feedback regarding the new thumbnails was incredibly varied. With over 6,000 comments left on last week's Site Update, there were lots and lots of comments and conversations for us to read through. We've been actively collecting and analyzing the comments and following Journals posted about the topic. Some members were displeased with the new thumbnails, while others were happy, and there were many various opinions that ranged between these two.

DeviantART staff have been testing thumbnails since February. The new thumbnails have also been in Beta Testing for quite some time — one of the longest periods we've had a feature in Beta Testing. Once we released the second gridded option, we received a much more positive response from the community.

While we believe in the updates that were made, we have received a couple of valid complaints about the way certain thumbnails were presented. For example, we give thumbnails a lighter background when their proportions are too tall or too wide. This keeps the rows of deviations looking tidy by visually aligning them. Some members have complained about backgrounds being given to deviations who don't appear to need it. See below: 

Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 5.41.14 PM by danlev

In response to this, we have adjusted the threshold for a thumbnail being given a background so that thumbs are only given the background when needed. We are working on a few other tweaks that will hopefully improve some of the different cases that have been brought up.

Although we are still gathering feedback and gauging responses, we would like to thank you all for your continued passion toward and interest in the site's function and appearance.

Other feedback included:
  • Users would like to mark notes as unread and have a notification still show in the top bar and Message Center. Suggested by *WhiteDiamondsLtd
  • Users would like an option to disable emoticons, when commenting. Suggested by =Zyruma 
  • Users would like a section in the artist's comments where they could specify the tools used to create the artwork. Suggested by ~OreoSmah162 


Sharing Your Art
DeviantART offers easy methods of sharing art on other social networks through the Share buttons on deviation pages. Do you share your art on other social networking sites? If so, which? Do you find it easy to share the artwork you've posted to deviantART elsewhere? Would you find it helpful if sharing your art on other sites could be done from the Submit page, or if it were more automatically pushed to your other social networks?

 Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment on this article!
:bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk(Be as detailed as possible!)

Add a Comment:
ZtheSOI Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
Can someone answer my question please? I clicked into one of my deviation's 'more like this' button, and it showed pictures completely unrelated. Why's it like that and how can I change it?
shrodu Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Is it possible to edit the "more like this" for our deviations? There are some results that I'm getting tired of seeing for most of my pictures (which are all towards the same pictures except for a select few)
Spielodia Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Professional
I really dislike that this feature is on every deviation page! It looks misleading, like those images shown are made by the same person. This is specially bad if you use DA to show random visitors and other people not familiarized with DA. Sometimes people even think your favorites are actually works by you xD So this just makes more confusion! Please make it an option to disable the feature from showing others' works on the deviation page!
nime080 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I came here just to give the same feedback as yours, except that a better solution IMHO would be moving the MLT panel below the user's gallery images.
It's a pretty straightforward design matter: it's the user's image page, so info's hierarchy would rather be: A) image info, download, share, and such B) user info/gallery C) other infos, MLT, links unrelated to the image or user, etc. I don't want to look arrogant, I'm just pointing this out from my professional experience and I hope my suggestions will help Deviantart.
Spielodia Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Professional
This would be better than what we have now, yes, but I think it would still be confusing. From a user pov. I think if anything it should be on the bottom/footer of the page like the channels etc, that are on a dark background, they look very separate from the rest of the page. Another solution would be to have a "by (name of artist)" on the bottom of each thumb, even if it looks cramped... meh.
To be honest I don't think putting even more stuff on a deviation page is a good idea in the first place, it looked a bit cramped already and this probably doesn't help the page load any faster either.

Still, I'm relieved that I'm not the only one who doesn't like the way it looks now.
hazyhills Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
I would like to add some positive feedback as well. The format change is when submitting a deviation, for the most part, very convenient and, while taking a second to get used to, is very appealing. That, along with the 'save & exit' feature, makes submissions easy, even though I had reservations about it at first.
hazyhills Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
I would like the option to turn off More Like This, as it has a tendency to only advertise a few of my pictures or advertise other artists that I have no interest in watching. Otherwise, I think it should be a minimized tab like it was before this week instead of taking up a large chunk of the page. That way, attention would not be drawn away from the deviation the viewer is watching. They can still choose to browse through the option, but it won't be so gaudy to look at.
GeorgeSellas Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Please give users the option to turn off the "More Like This" pane that shows up next to deviations. The random thumbnails (often times by other artists) right next to a deviation are very obtrusive and unsightly. It makes the page very cluttered looking.

The "More Like This" feature is something already available on the main page by hovering and clicking on the small blue "More Like This" bar, which is much less obtrusive than a giant pane of thumbnails. Please get rid of the "More Like This" pane or give us the option to turn it off.

It is also potentially confusing to viewers because it shows up above the "More From (insert deviant name)" area. At the very least the "More Like This" pane should be below this so users who want to stay on a particular artist's gallery don't accidentally shoot off onto another random artist's page unknowingly.
richfiles Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I just wish we could DISABLE things we don't use...

No offense, but DA gives me more spinning rainbow beachball of death on my ancient Mac now than it did a year ago...
Also, the location of the "More Like This" is VERY obtrusive. I don't like it near the favorites and download buttons.

Well... I also don't like it there. Further down would be better, and being able to turn it off would be best.
Kuzey3d Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012
Um..can we please have a 'not like this' feature to filter out the poser porn crap..for crying out loud
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