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June 7, 2012
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This week's Site Update is a little different in that we don't have any publicly visible changes.  However, it's for a good reason... our Devious Technology, Product, and Product Marketing teams are all at staff retreat! During this retreat, we're discussing every major feature on deviantART, conducting hackathons to clean up and optimize deviantART's code, and working to improve internal tools that will increase developer and staff productivity.

Throughout the week, staff members have been giving talks about various topics.  Here's are some of the topics we've been covering.

What's New

deviantART: Online Trust Alliance 2012 Award Receipient

At deviantART, we always strive to keep your user experience safe so you’re provided with an environment in which you’re comfortable to create and grow. As part of our ongoing effort to keep your user experience protected, we’ve been documenting ways to encourage awareness and ensure a safer deviantART — first in April and August of 2011, and again in January of this year.

Now, we're pleased to announce that deviantART has been nominated to the Online Trust Honor Roll for working to make your Internet experience free of malicious activity.

Your Feedback

Last week we had a discussion about Profile Page customization. Thanks for all your feedback!
  • The additional share buttons were appreciated by most deviants. Some deviants did not like sharing options, but were not aware of the "Discourage Sharing" option, which disables the share buttons. 
  • Deviants were passionate about customization options on deviantART Profile Pages, many enjoying the current customization options we provide. Some deviants were concerned about pages with a large number of images or other resources. 
  • Some users would like support the ability to upload .doc, .odt, and similar documents when uploading literature deviations. From Mauser712

Discuss!  Lightbulb

What is your favourite way of exploring new art on deviantART? Do you usually browse art by category, or searching for specific topics? Are you inclined to wander through your friends' favourites, or through Group galleries? What ways do you prefer to come across art you like?

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Distance-Diz Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey I've noticed something strange with the deviation submission process :(, it posts up that date you first uploaded the artwork but then you can change file with the edit option and put a completely different image there.

The thought occurred to me since it does not seem to keep track of edits can't people use that to steal artwork from original artists? The reason why I ask is I have seen this twice now on this site and I am afraid of this becoming a popular fad among thieves.
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