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February 23, 2012
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Site Update: Thumbs, dA Muro,

Thu Feb 23, 2012, 6:16 PM

In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes that have been made, including new features and bug fixes. In the "Your Feedback" section, you'll find suggestions and known issues that were brought up by members in the last Site Update.

What's New

Comment Counts Under Thumbnail Images
Two weeks ago, we released comment counts under thumbnail images to Beta Testers. Today, the feature has been rolled out to everyone. We believe that this feature adds more context to the experience of viewing artwork on deviantART.  You'll now find comment counts underneath the thumbnails of deviations -- they can be seen when browsing or searching art, and also display in your Message Center.  We hope this feature will help bring to light the fact that there is a whole world of activity that takes place behind thumbnails.  In some cases, when a thumbnail displays many comments, it can be a trigger to join the discussion.  While in other cases, if a deviation is in need of comments, it can be a call to action for a viewer to provide feedback or encouragement.

Comment Counts Under Thumbnail Images by danlev

Gallery Folders Under Thumbnail Images
When browsing an artist's gallery, the folders that their deviations are categorized under are now listed under the thumbnails, giving viewers more context to their artwork.

Comment Counts Under Thumbnail Images by danlev

"Flip Canvas" Tools in deviantART muro
In deviantART muro, we've added the ability to flip your canvas horizontally or vertically. These two options are located in the "Edit" menu.

Flip Canvas Tools in deviantART muro by danlev
Requested by ^alicexz , added by $mudimba

File and Edit Menus in (Beta Testers Only)
To make managing your easier we've added File and Edit menus into the header of This feature is currently available to Beta Testers. If you have feedback on the feature, please leave it on the #devbug blog.

Premium Members, if you'd like to test this new feature, you can enable Beta Testing in your Settings.

File and Edit Menus in by danlev

Stack Descriptions
In, all members now have the ability to add descriptions to stacks. Write some notes for yourself or write an introductory description before you share a stack with your friends.

Stack Descriptions by danlev


:bulletblue: What's New
  • With its new home right in the top-level Customizations category, the Emoticons category has a brand new structure!
:bug: Bug Fixes
  • Non-Premium Members can now comment on Critiques. Thanks for pointing that out, *WraithldrFixed by $mpsb
  • When you preview comments, Notes, or deviation descriptions, links were not underlined, which made it difficult to distinguish from regular text. Fixed by $mpsb
  • A few members pointed out that the "Recent Activity" dropdown on profiles was not displaying properly in the newest version of Chrome. This has been fixed. Fixed by $mpsb
  • Dates were wrong on some affiliation messages in the group message log, which was pointed out by a few members in recent Site Updates. Fixed by $lendrick
  • Gifting prints through Wishlists was broken for short period. Fixed by $ZombieCoder
  • Changes were made to category structure of emoticons. Fixed by $lendrick
  • The Poll widget had layout issues when configuring it. Fixed by $ZombieCoder
  • The "give" menu button on profile page was not responding to clicks in the newest versions of Chrome. Fixed by $lendrick
  • The highlight feature went awol from the Shoutbox, but now it's back! Fixed by $mpsb
  • Over a period of several hours, some deviations' full views were not always loading. Fixed by $allixsenos
  • Fixed a Fair Exposure bug with the order of results for all-time popular browse results when viewing a single category. Based on a comment by ^pica-ae and Joe-Roberts, fixed by raincoastchris

:bug: Bug Fixes
  • When selecting items with the keyboard, the browser wouldn't scroll to follow the selection. Fixed by $kouiskas
  • When selecting items with using the keyboard, pressing enter now allows you to open the stack or the item. Fixed by $kouiskas
  • The page could break when clicking "Back to" quickly before the stack had enough time to load. Fixed by $adahacker
  • Improved the behavior of the Files tab in Fixed by $adahacker
  • The top menu used to flicker in IE8. Fixed by $adahacker
  • An image in the top menu was causing a mixed HTTP/HTTPS warning when the page was loaded in IE. Fixed by $adahacker
  • Under some circumstances, cancelling the renaming of a stack would have caused an false error message. Fixed by $adahacker
  • The login form was unexpectedly switching background colors throughout the login process. Fixed by $adahacker
  • The short URL fields displayed on thumbs for copy and pasting purposes no longer allow you to accidentally type text into them. Fixed by $adahacker
  • Fixed some display issues when uploading a stack in Chrome and Safari. Fixed by $kouiskas Writer

:bug: Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an IE8 bug that occurred when hovering over the header. Fixed by $Alisey
    • Safari and IE weren't stripping out hidden data when copy and pasting from Microsoft Word. Fixed by $Alisey
    • When pasting markup, it will no longer wrap every single line in a div tag (hopefully!). Fixed by $Alisey
    • Undo didn't work after adding an image. Fixed by $Alisey
    • The Pencil menu on draft thumbs will now give an "edit draft" option. Fixed by $inazar
    • There was a brief Firefox bug when editing old documents. Fixed by $kemayo
    Your Feedback
    • Add pagination to the Journal History widget. From ~Mauser712 
    • Ability to search artwork by color. From *Nightphoenix2
    • Thumbs of tall or wide deviations do not display the artwork well. (We have a surprise coming that should make this a lot better!) From *Talty
    • An analytics tool that can give you more detailed information such as traffic to your deviations and profile, daily stats, and tools to analyze your audience. From =Mary-Jane-Stokely and TimberClipse
    • Journals in Writer can be labeled as "mature content." Some deviants would like to do the same with Journals submitted outside of Writer. From `vsconcepts
    • Publicly display keywords on deviations. This could encourage artist to be smarter with the keywords they add. It would also allow members to click the keywords and explore similar deviations. From ~EnlightenU in the Suggestions Forum
    • Add page numbers to Scraps and Galleries. From ~Mauser712 and ~panictowel
    • When using Writer to compose a Journal, your work is automatically saved to Deviants would like this functionality on Journals submitted outside of, since sometimes it's easy to accidentally leave the page and possibly lose your progress. From `TimberClipse

    :lightbulb:  Discuss These Ideas!
    • Profile URLs becoming We're discussing the possibility of changing profile URLs from the format to Of course the old addresses would automatically send you to the new addresses. There are several technical advantages to making this switch which would speed up browsing and make the site more stable. This would also make it easier for us to offer a "HTTPS Everywhere" security mode. How do you feel about this change?
    • Username changes. We've discussed username changes in our past Site Updates and if you're someone who is interested in the username changes topic, then don't forget to vote on the current deviantART poll: If given the opportunity, would you change your deviantART username?
    Last Week's Discussion

    Last week, we asked for people's feedback on the new Artist Types listed in the new deviantID widget. We'd like to thank you all for providing your feedback and contributing to the conversation. We are taking all the information into account and we are still discussing this matter internally. Thanks!

     Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment on this article!
    :bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk(Be as detailed as possible!)

    Add a Comment:
    AlphaPower Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012   General Artist
    kekoaiskandar Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012  Student Artist
    thanks :)
    David07060 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012
    ok i would like that but don't change the name.
    CanineCanvas Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
    I discussed about the username change already (I'm all for it!) but I would prefer to keep
    ..Makes me feel special.
    NekoMarik Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
    I prefer, as it makes your profile seem more like it belongs to you, like an email address, whereas seems more "borrowed" and temporary, like YouTube accounts.
    Shiazure Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
    It'd be useful if you implemented a mass-delete function for deviations, so we wouldn't have to go and delete them one by one.
    AllyneAllyne Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012
    I say NO to visible keywords. there are so many distracting buttons, categories, copyrights, "details", statistics, critiques, comments, titles, share links, mood counters(animated and distracting, even!), and more ALL over my deviation pages as is, I really don't want more added to it. If implemented, make visible keywords an optional feature, please.

    My ideal deviation page would be nothing more than image, title, artist, copyright, and comment box.

    That reminds me, I'd love if the mood menu in the comment box could be hidden or optionally disabled completely, because I never ever use it, and it takes up space I could use to compose comments.
    Spielodia Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012  Professional
    The thumb updates are awesome! Helps a lot when moving things around the gallery and gives more info without having to click :) Before I wouldn't know if a deviation was already in this or that folder, so I had to check back and forth. And for people who want to give attention t deviations with less comments it's quite useful.
    I think I would like to change usernames. Lots of people make new accounts just because of this, seems such a waste, they end up with 3, 4 accounts. I like my username a lot, but I'm not recognized by it because
    a.I'm not popular and
    b.I tend to use a different nickname everywhere, which confuses people, and I want to to fix that. This account is already my third, and I also have a fourth.
    I'm not saying I would change for sure, still don't know, but I'd certainly consider.
    zzdevi Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012
    The username should be different from the login name and email. This will help to guard against breaking in to someone's account by simply guessing the password. The attacker doesn't know the login name either.
    A deviant would have a publicly known name and a login name only he or she knows.
    There should also be strong-password standards, automatically enforced at password selection time.
    teamhooliganfangirl Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
    I think that, for an idea, ypu should allow a button for all deviants to veiw all of the Journal Entries they've made--I visit my old Journal Entires fairly often, (to look at old RP's and conversations and such) and it's a task to have to flip thru the pages of Journal Entries I've made. I think that it would just be easier for everyone if we could click a button and get all of our Journal Entries within one page.

    Just a suggestion, and I would be very grateful if you went through with it! Thank you for listening.
    Add a Comment: