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January 22, 2013
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The New deviantART Submission Process

Tue Jan 22, 2013, 6:23 PM

The New deviantART Submission Process

DeviantART is proud to announce a new way to submit and share your art. Our new submission process is powered by, our portable creative studio, making it quicker and easier to submit art than ever before!

Quick & Easy

The new consolidated and streamlined submission process is designed with ease of use in mind. The process is split into individual stages that guide you through the submission process for clarity. We've emphasized the most important settings of the submission process and collapsed the more advanced options for simplicity.

All In One

The new submit process is powered by, which gives you the ability to drag and drop files from your desktop, select files from your, and save your deviations so they can be submitted later. The new process also integrates our Premium Content feature, which allows you to sell digital downloads of your work.

Roll over each section for more details

Stash - Your Personal Creative Studio is your personal creative space on deviantART, a home to images, writing, animation and everything in between. keeps your inspiration organized, your projects consolidated, and provides ease of use when publishing your completed work. You can store your files, host works that you might not be ready to make public, and also makes it simple for you to share works in progress to gather feedback and advice from other creative individuals. Enabling you to upload and share content instantaneously to anyone in the world, truly is your artistic development platform.

Your goes wherever you go. Using our APIs, developers have integrated into their own applications, making your creative life easier. Paintings created in ArtRage and photos from Adobe Lightroom can be saved directly to your When not near your computer, you can upload from mobile devices using =Pickley's Client or `KnightAR's Android uploader. Plus, you can always upload via email or FTP.

Write Literature and Journals with StashWriter Writer is an innovative writing engine built into, designed with the writer in mind. It provides a writing environment that combines rich-text with HTML, allowing for both ease of use and adaptation to any complexity you may want to add to your work. From easy formatting tools to the inclusion of CSS in the form of skins, Writer lets you say what you want to say how you want to say it.

Create Digital Paintings with deviantART Muro

DeviantART muro is our breakthrough HTML5 artistic application that allows you to create works of art directly from your browser. We recently added the ability to watch, submit, and share recordings of your how your work was made, allowing members to watch their favorite artist's drawing process.

Generate Earnings with Premium Content

Last July, we launched the Premium Content Platform, which allows content creators to become sellers and generate real earnings by making digital files of their high-quality work available for download. Deviants can download content immediately after purchasing them using deviantART Points, and the artist immediately sees the profits deposited into their My Earnings account.

We've continued making enhancements to the Premium Content Platform as we gradually roll it out to more of our members. The new Submit process makes it easier than ever to submit deviations as Premium Content, and with this launch, we're releasing the Premium Content feature to everyone!

DeviantART is proud to announce a new way to submit and share your art. Our new submission process is powered by, our portable creative studio, making it quicker and easier to submit art than ever before!
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DeviantART should be ASHAMED of what they've done! It is now IMPOSSIBLE for me to submit literature!! Since when do you need a preview image to submit literature?!?!?! (I tried submitting my story by pressing "Add Text" and that worked, but then for the first time ever it required a preview image. Which by the way, are IMPOSSIBLE to upload now without it saying "not displayable") :rage: FIX IT!!!
queenfirelily17 May 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Can you please fix this? Because every time I go to submit something the computer is always like: :iconfuckyoubyeplz:
The bugs are still there and the admins have abdicated and gone to Narnia. This really sux big time IMO!!!
x-Mathias Apr 6, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey my work keeps on showing up as a broken page soon as i submit something! D: it only lasts for a little~ but I think this is the reason i'm not getting feedback any more! this is really annoying!!!
carolkayla Apr 5, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Umm well how can you add a zip file for example, to the preview ? i can't find the way to do this can someone here help me? thx
Loads of deviations appearing without thumbnails in many different groups, this shows the process isn't intuitive and not really working. Certainly not as well as it should.

I can't raise a bug on this as it is not affecting my submissions, I can't raise this any place but here and as the link to this page has been removed from the submission page no-one is going to read this.

It is rather a daft situation where the designers won't admit the new page is faulty and where they won't allow any feedback stating so.

A slightly North Korean attitude.
I was thinking of Swastika instead of North Korean... -_-"
Not really Nazi as they were pointlessly cruel. The DA admins are in denial and don't like adverse feedback. There is obviously a policy of "ignore the moaners and just push it out".
They forget that feedback is good and that some of it may be worth listening to. All of it is worth responding to one way or another.
well, that sounds like "Nazi in the making"~~~:shrug:
Hitler first ignored his people, he plotted some schemes around his rivals in politics... it's not that the Nazi rose all barbaric in power, it was something like they have something, and that something was what they kept on holding...Then they "ignored the moaners and just pushed it out", and hence they began with Poland...and spread across.:shrug:

but uh...yeah, anywayz, I'll say and admit I'm half-wrong with my analogy.

Still, these dA-admins kept on doin' something they want, they're gonna be power-hungry in no time.:iconsighingplz:

So yep I admit I'm wrong to say abut "Nazi", but I say my analogy comes next to "dictators".:nod: I should have said dictators rather than Nazi, sorry~~:iconrelievedplz:
Dictators is fine!

Many people like setting up an 'empire' then ruling it. It might be merely a desk or two in a shed but there may well be a dictator there.

Here's a link for you that suggests my feelings! [link]
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